Surijit Khanna | Online Child Abuse Risks

Surijit Khanna | Online Child Abuse Risks

Here is Surijit Khanna, a child safety advocate to walks us through some risks on online children abuse during this lockdown and what can be done.

As coronavirus causes lockdown across the globe, there is enough room for online child abusers to take advantage of the pandemic and explore their awful acts. The perpetrator of this act maybe someone unknown to the victim or someone they know. And this abuse can happen through any device- laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Colleges and schools are already closed down and most parents are also working from home. Thus there is a high chance of more children using the internet for a longer period of time without any close supervision. Moreover, children become more vulnerable due to isolation and have more online exposure to different apps and sites.

Not to forget that there is a shortage of personnel known as moderators which help in regulating contents that are being displayed online. With the coronavirus outbreak, your children are likely at the mercy of online abusers. Therefore, it is important for the parent to be more watchful on their children in this lockdown as the pandemic gives chances for the abuser to carry out their deeds.

Know about the risks regarding online child abuse during this lockdown and what can be done.

1. Closely Supervise your Children

While schools are under lockdown, children might feel isolated and might turn to the internet for entertainment. It is important for parents to take closer supervision on the kinds of apps and site their kids are using and the types of people they are interacting with on those sites.

If your kids are on chat forums, online boards and many more, there is a high chance that online pedophiles are also on these forums. While some of these sites are of great value, some can be dangerous to the children leading them into a path of child abuse because of lack of parental supervision. Hence, parents need to be more watchful and always be on guard.

2. Spend Quality Time with your Kids

As children spend more time online while most of the parents work from home, it is more essential for parents to be having frequent conversations with their children about what they are doing online. Most importantly who they are talking to and what they discuss. Moreover, be a parent that your kids can trust and be approachable. When this happens, kids will not be scared to turn to you in case of worries or when they need clarification about things.

3. Go through their Computer

As parents, going through your children’s computer for proper supervision on every activity going on has become indispensable. However, you need to approach these with extra care as children may be more distant and secretive if parents are too harsh on them. You can also put limits on things they can do to protect children from online child abuse.

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