Who wants more time right now? Find it here!

Who wants more time right now? Find it here!

Apply this proven Get UNstuck NOW! strategy, to stop wasting your time - so you have enough energy, at the end of the day - to do what you desire. That's right!

Harness this proven strategy now, to achieve your first results in under 3 minutes.

How often do you hear/say:  "I'm out of time!", “I need … another minute!”, “Wait … a minute!”,  or "I'll have it ready in ... a minute." Creating a repeated cycle of energy-draining, wasted minutes, hours, days and years …. so I wondered (you too?), how long truly is ‘a minute’?

That's why I'm sharing this with you now, part of a series of the same powerful strategies that empower my Get UNstuck NOW! Breakthrough System coaching clients to consistently harness more of those precious minutes, to their benefit. Up to two hours or more. Each day. Every day. That's right.

Mathematically, one minute is 60 seconds. Which means, we humans have about 90,000 seconds per day (60 sec/min x 60 min/hr x 24 hr/day). And given that a single thought takes under a second to create, in a flash, even as we sleep, we have more than 90,000 opportunities/day to create and celebrate our own, more compelling results!

Strategy:  Treasure EVERY moment of your own time!

Source: Get UNstuck NOW! Breakthrough System (coaching: Day 2). For more, be sure to book your 1-on-1 coaching session with me at Jennifer Beale's Summer Networking Bash on Aug 14, 2019. Or, contact me now on the handy Next Step form (also on this page) to harness the Breakthrough system for yourself/team now.

To do:

First, consider your own perceived value of time. To help, print this "I Treasure Every Moment" poster, showing relevant time value examples (a year, for a failed exam; or a hundredth of a second, for the Olympic silver medalist).

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Next, here’s a fun, interactive game I play with my Juggling Multiple Priorities conference Keynote audiences.

Called ‘How long is a minute?’, it does sound simple enough, no? Play along with me here ... it just takes a minute ;-)

How to play: Have a partner time you (or click this countdown timer)... as you close your eyes and imagine how long one minute is for you (no peaking or counting, and sounds can be misleading).

When you believe a minute is complete, open your eyes and check the timer.


Debrief: While the clock is accurate re: what truly IS (1 minute = 60 seconds), your own results, as always, are based 100% instead, on what ... you think … is (which is frequently many steps away from what truly IS ... and the topic of another article in this leadership series).

Yikes! Consistently, my conference audiences confirm numbers across the map, from 'a minute is just 20 seconds' ... to well over a minute!

So, for those who clock a minute at 30 seconds, does that mean they created a time machine... do they get two minutes for every 60 seconds. (I hear you laughing ;-)

This is one of my favorite, top 100, proven strategies to consistently empower guaranteed, improved results. For myself and for my Get UNstuck NOW! Breakthrough coaching clients. That’s right.

And now that you have a benchmark of how long a minute truly is... Imagine now how much more are you already choosing for yourself, in your 90,000+ opportunities each day!

And aren’t you ready for a change, to harness now even more strategies like this for yourself or for your group too?

For your benefit, do complete the Next Step form (also on this page), to confirm now your timing on your most important question.

And how soon will you decide now to share this powerful results-achieving strategy (and game) with others, to benefit them too?

Oh, and starting now, ... when someone says ‘... in a minute’, do confirm what they truly mean ;-)

Here's to your continued success in creating more compelling results for yourself now. Consistently.



Since 1976, harnessing decades of successful leadership assignments on four continents (from the ‘back room’ to the Boardroom), I consistently empower leaders and their teams for improved results, combining a unique balance of fun with a keen focus on performance.

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