How To Attract Your Dream Clients...

How To Attract Your Dream Clients...

When you embark on a journey of personal growth & get into complete alignment with who you truly are, you need not push, as you pull your dream clients to you!

Being an entrepreneur/business owner is surely NOT for the weak of heart... yet it CAN be one of the best personal growth tools out there. Running your own business will stretch you in beautiful and scary ways...but it will be a journey that allows you to become more you than you have ever been...and THAT is when the magic and miracles HAPPEN!

It's truly about becoming your most authentic self...the self that lives in deep alignment with YOUR values...not a corporation's or your parent's or society's.

It can take some time to sift through what the world wants you to be...the you that you believed you needed to be in order to be fully be seen as a 'worldly success'.

It takes a ton of courage to stand up and declare "THIS is who I truly am...and you can take me or leave me...and I will be just fine...thank you very much!"

Trust me though, when you do,  you won't need to 'push' and 'strive' to find will simply 'pull' & 'attract' them to you...those beautiful folks who fully SEE your value. THESE are your DREAM CLIENTS. We LOVE this people!

Why? Because you are connected to YOUR values, and that comes across as confident, sexy & magnetic...where you feel & express more joy & ease...and that is a high vibration state to live in and do business.


By fully embodying this way of showing up in your life & business, guess what? You become a MIRACLE MAGNET...and your ideal clients with the ability to pay you what you are worth, make their way towards you like moths to a flame...bees to a flower...bears to honey! Doesn't that sound like WAY more FUN than pushing & stressing in your marketing & sales efforts?

I invite you to get out of your own f'n (fear & ego) way...boldy transcend your ego and the fear that it tends to drum up in you...and courageously become the BEST most real/authentic version of yourself (hint-hint: THIS is your TRUE SELF...EGO SELF is actually an illusion) you may serve the world with your unique offering...and WHY you offer it. No one else is you. No one can do exactly what you do, how & most importantly WHY you do it! THAT is something to be celebrated!

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How To Attract Your Dream Clients...

If you are a kind, heart-centered individual, I would love you to drop by my booth at #TheBash (*Please use promo code LOVEYOURVIBE to receive a 33% discount on your ticket!) on August 14th, to learn more about 'The Love Your Vibe Transformation'...a unique, powerful and affordable personal growth system that my team of Miracle Mindset Mentors will be promoting (as I will be coaching all day).

How To Attract Your Dream Clients...

Become A "Love Your Vibe Ambassador"

If you resonate with what they share, you may even wish to become a 'Love Your Vibe Ambassador' where you can benefit from & share the powerful mindset teachings, that saved my life, helped me get out of my own f'n way to create an authentic life of MY dreams and escape mental health breakdown holistically.  This includes becoming a professional jazz artist, working on world class jazz stages with Juno award winning artists at the ripe, sweet age of 51. It truly IS a Miracle Mindset.

How To Attract Your Dream Clients...

Become An Inspirational Leader

Finally, if you have your OWN Story of Transformation (you were in the dark and made your way to the light...and wish to help others do the same), then like my Miracle Mindset Mentors (Lightworkers), you too can become an inspirational leader utilizing this beautiful & powerful platform yourself!

Feel free to sign up for one of my Coaching Spots * at the Summer Networking Bash on the morning of August 14 to learn more...I would LOVE to meet you! *Please use promo code LOVEYOURVIBE to receive a 33% discount on your ticket!

How To Attract Your Dream Clients...