Your body and Spirit will guide you with RestoreChi

Your body and Spirit will guide you with RestoreChi

There are many things we can work on at any given point in time. But if we tune into our body, Spirit, and accept technical glitches, we may find our priority..

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In the first few weeks following training to become a RestoreChi practitioner, it became pretty obvious that I had a few things that I could work on:

- my varicose veins, using the Varicose Veins, Phlegmatic, Spleen Dampness (Phlegmatic), and Release Chill tracks (as varicose veins are related to having too much phlegm and fire in the blood)

- my wide tongue, using the Tongue Widen with White Stuff and the Spleen Dampness (Phlegmatic) tracks (you may think "who cares about a wide tongue, other than you might be more likely to bite it", but problems with the tongue often reflect problems with the heart, and THAT is kind of an important organ, isn't it? - physically, emotionally, and spiritually!)

- my heartburn, using the Stomach Spleen Fire Heartburn Indigestion track (although this never worked for me, as my heartburn issue is very complicated, for an example, see: "Oh, you think its just heartburn - childhood can't do that much damage, can it?")

- my arthritis symptoms, see "Rheumatoid arthritis is a pain, maybe RestoreChi can help you let go..." for details on this

- my detox symptoms, see "They say belly fat is a sign detox is needed, maybe RestoreChi can help" for details on this

- my headaches, see "Oh my head! Can RestoreChi help?" for details on this

- my skin tags, using the Liver Detox track (as disturbances with the skin are related to having dirty blood)

And then, of course, there are all the symptoms my kids and husband may be dealing with at any given time. See "Success Stories using RestoreChi" for an ever growing collection of areas in which RestoreChi can support you and your family in everyday life!

So, how would I decide each morning, whether to use RestoreChi and what to use it for?

The answer to this is I check in with my body, how does it feel, I accept guidance from Spirit, and when some tracks work and others don't, I don't curse my internet connection or the RestoreChi app, I just allow and accept.

Sometimes our body needs a day off from healing. Sometimes healing hurts, and sometimes our body hurts to remind us to heal a certain part.

Its good to:

- have an idea of the areas that need healing,

- have an idea of the general pattern underneath, and then

- trust that you will be guided.

For me, I think I am in the process of detoxing a lifetime of suppressed anger and resentment. Its in my hands (through my arthritis symptoms), its in my blood (through my varicose veins and skin tags).

I don't judge myself for being ugly or for having flaws. I just thank my body for letting me know the toll that holding onto anger and resentment has taken on me, and I continue to work on letting go.

How are you going to use RestoreChi to facilitate your healing and spiritual growth?

This is just another way for you to use RestoreChi in your everyday life.

If you have specific questions on how RestoreChi might be able to support you and your family, please feel free to leave us a message and we will get back to you!


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