The RestoreChi band, a healthy and loving barrier

The RestoreChi band, a healthy and loving barrier

This world can be very confusing. We are told to be nice to everyone, and to protect our boundaries. Here's a way to do both...

The RestoreChi band is a product created by Master Yan to support healing.

When you take training with him, you will learn that, yes of course you can wear the RestoreChi band on a meridian that you are trying to clear, just before the spot you suspect the blockage or issue to be, but this is not the only use that he advertises it for.

RestoreChi was actually, in part created because, as people who support the healing of others, we often use our own energy to try to "heal others". RestoreChi allows people to support the healing of others while keeping their energy to themselves.

Doreen Virtue also shared a video that said not to use your own energy when doing energy work with others, but to instead channel the energy of god through you, and that this will enhance your energy instead of depleting it, while you are supporting others. But, not all of us know how to do this, all of the time.

Often we end up trying to over help, and to help in areas we weren't even invited in to help, in the first place.

Number one, to say we HELP another person is actually an insult to them. Helping is reaching down and pulling them up, because we do not believe they can do it on their own.

The more respectful thing to do is SUPPORT or GUIDE another, if and ONLY if they ask for support or guidance.

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Empowering people to do things for themselves is WAY better than always trying to "help" them!

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I know, this concept is foreign to most people, who think the Good Samaritan Act is to save anyone that you find bleeding in the street, and it is.

In fact, I often tell my 4yr old who loves to wear long pants in the summer that this is ok, but if she passes out from over heating, I am going to change her into shorts!

But, what about the people who don't want to be saved?

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Some people don't want to be saved!

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What about the people who love their misery because they are using their misery as a way to get pity, which is the only way they currently feel they are able to get love. What if the problem is that deep, and that obvious to some, yet the invitation is not there for help or support, and you've tried and tried to the point that you now literally hate the person and all that they do, because you see through it and you feel you could help, but no one is asking you to help, even if they are literally asking you to help, what they are really doing is sucking you dry of your energy, because what they really want is love and acceptance, not help, not support, not to get better, and that, you honestly just have to leave alone.

Put on your RestoreChi band. Send them love. Keep them on the other side of this loving self-care, self-respect, respect of their decision, barrier.

Yes, take your band off from time to time, if you want to see how much you have grown, or not, or see how much more vulnerable you have become.

Vulnerability is not a bad thing. You can be strong, wise, capable, and sensitive. Sensitivity is actually a gift, if you can read it as such.

So, that's what this band can be used for, and it sells like hot cakes. Because...

We all want to be nice. We all want to help. We all want to be good people. And this band allows for that.

We can be good, and we can let the other be good. And we can keep this safe boundary, through which negativity is not invited to pass. We can witness our judgement, and their actions, and keep each on its own side of the barrier.

The grass is not greener on either side of the fence. There are just some fences that have been crossed enough to know there is nothing on the other side that going over and fixing is going to resolve.

So, lets let people be. And lets meditate in ourselves a bit more. Find peace, in the chaos. Such is life, and its a blessing!

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Find our peace among the chaos

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Love and Bless, Strong Family, Strong Light.

Alahnnaa Campbell

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience (Stress and Health)

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