Sleep tight baby, with RestoreChi

Sleep tight baby, with RestoreChi

Forget driving in the car and white noise machines, maybe RestoreChi Full Healing is the way to go to support baby's sleep?...

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As some of you know, my newborn is very unique when it comes to her Human Design, see my Facebook Post about it here.

I've never really had much trouble putting my kids to sleep, as I follow their routine instead of trying to impose my own. However, given the unique nature of my 3rd child, I find that sometimes, if I do not get her down in time, she is overwhelmed (possibly with other people's energy), and she has a hard time getting to sleep. In these times, playing the following RestoreChi track can be helpful:

- Full Healing

This actually makes a lot of sense. As, being a newborn, she is present when I run sessions with my clients. And, given how she is designed (go here for more details) she naturally makes others feel seen, but she also needs a lot of down time to recover from this, and she has her natural "enough is enough" reactions, which I need to respect and say "I'm sorry, but the session is over".

I think the Full Healing RestoreChi track allows her to restore herself to where she used to be, before she let in the other person's energy, to be of service to them.

I think all kids are the same. They may not have the same Human Design, but they probably do need to heal on some level, as we all do when we sleep. I think sleep can be a time for us all to recover from exposure to the world, to place everything we've learned in the day, into its rightful home, and to clear any debris.

I am grateful that these tracks exist for us to play with and see what works for us.

On a similar note, sometimes I run the RestoreChi Liver Detox track to support myself to:

- release negative emotions

- release less than ideal food or alcohol that I may have drank the night before

- or improve my own energy

However, since my daughter is sensitive, I have found that playing the Liver Detox track can sometimes pull her out of her own sleepy state.

And, when it comes to mom, baby, and sleep, well, we all want to let sleeping babies lie, don't we?

This is just another way for you to use RestoreChi in your everyday life.

If you have specific questions on how RestoreChi might be able to support you and your family, please feel free to leave us a message and we will get back to you!


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