Kids wake up with a sniffle, you can always turn to RestoreChi

Kids wake up with a sniffle, you can always turn to RestoreChi

RestoreChi is a great way to support the release of congestion and cold and maybe prevent a full blown illness process...

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According to Evan Brand ND in Episode 2 of The Human Longevity Project, if you do not allow illness to run its course, if you numb/stop the symptoms with medication, you can also stop the immune system's natural process of checking for cancers while it is working to clear your body of your current illness.

So, why not, instead of stopping your bodies immune process, help it along with a modality like RestoreChi?

On three separate occasions:

- once my 7yr old son woke with a cough and some congestion

- once my mother's husband was visiting with a cold that he had been battling for a while, and the next day I felt congestion in my chest

- once my 3yr old daughter woke with a bit of congested.

All 3 times I played the Phlegmatic RestoreChi track while we napped for about an hour, and after these naps ALL of our congestion was gone! The Phlegmatic track does not stop the process, but rather, speeds it along with less interference.

Worth a try, eh?

Who wants to be sick for a week, if they can clear it in an hour?

This is just one more way for you to use RestoreChi in your everyday life.

If you have specific questions on how RestoreChi might be able to support you and your family, please feel free to leave us a message and we will get back to you!


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