White and light thin brick veneer in the interior

White and light thin brick veneer in the interior

Thin brick veneer is often used in the interior of various buildings. Nowadays, its light colored varieties and especially white are particularly popular.

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Thin brick veneer is often used in the interior of various buildings. Nowadays, its light colored varieties and especially white are particularly popular. They fit organically into many styles from loft to ultra-modern high-tech. Let's take a closer look at this popular type of product.

Today, every owner of an apartment, house or other building has the opportunity to design the interior space in the style and colors they want. Many of them show a preference for the presence of rough notes in the interior, such as exposed brick walls. Don't think that such accents are boring or have a cheap look. On the contrary - in a well-arranged space, with properly selected brick products, such accents can enliven the interior, making it more original and fashionable. White thin brick veneer is a great option if you want to refresh the interior, add an interesting accent and make the room look brighter.

White brick walls and accents can be both real and а result from the use of an imitation product. In the first case, existing walls made of real bricks are used - in both new and old buildings - which are simply sealed and protected with a suitable compound and then painted with a quality interior paint in the desired color. At the same time, it is not even necessary to correct various defects of the masonry or the bricks themselves, since in this way they look as realistic as possible. In this way, the effect of an exposed brick wall is achieved very quickly and easily.

However, when real brick walls are not available in the room, the same result can be achieved with thin brick veneer. It is a relatively thin layer of brick, made of real bricks or artificial materials, which is designed for easy installation on almost any foundation without requiring special masonry skills. Quality products of this type are very difficult to distinguish from real bricks and resemble extremely realistically different types of masonry and brick texture. They come in a variety of brick textures and shapes - from perfectly smooth and regular bricks, to imitation of old and battered masonry - as well as in a variety of colors and shades. This gives a huge choice and the opportunity to easily and organically fit thin brick veneer into different styles.

Speaking of its versatility, let's see which interior styles white thin brick veneer fits best.


Brickwork is probably most often used in the interiors of this "attic" style. It can be not only white, but also gray, red, brown or in other suitable colors. This type of interior design is quite popular nowadays. It allows the eclectic combination of rough accents such as exposed bricks, pipes and other structural elements, rough-hewn materials, old furniture and elegant modern or antique objects. For example, imagine an old battered wooden coffee table and a sleek new leather couch against a wall of white thin brick veneer.


Another particularly popular style in the interior today - the discreet modern minimalism. In such an interior, brickwork looks best not only in white, but also in brown or red shades. Against the brick background, furniture in gray, black or silver shades, as well as lighting fixtures with chrome and metal details, will look great.


Another style in which brick walls fit really organically and harmoniously. Against the background of a brick wall, pieces of furniture made of natural and slightly processed wood will look really spectacular. As decorations, you can use various ethnic elements to create a very cozy and warm interior, which you don’t want to leave.


Brickwork looks great in interiors designed in the Gothic style. Be sure to use only white thin brick veneer of the highest quality - and only for one of the walls or even only for a part of it. You can complement the accents with brick columns or arches. Against the background of the light brickwork, solid and massive pieces of dark furniture will look amazing. For example, it can be a chic spacious bed with an expensive looking baldachin and a lavish crystal chandelier.

Of course, white thin brick veneer can be used in other styles of interior as well. Do not think that only large, heavy, dark or rough furniture looks good against its background. On the contrary, it creates an excellent environment for a wide variety of furniture styles, textiles and colors. This gives you the opportunity to create a variety of harmonious combinations.

And finally - a hint - white thin brick veneer can be an excellent option for refacing your old fireplace. As long as, of course, you choose a fire-safe product suitable for high temperatures.