How To Learn SEO For Beginners

How To Learn SEO For Beginners

Answering the FAQs of the Optimiser job and how it works.

I'm often asked about SEO, how my job works and some of my background that led me to this kind of work, so I decided to collect a few of the most common questions and give some short, clear answers for anyone interested in optimising.

How would you explain SEO to a complete SEO beginner?

When I’m asked what work I do, the term SEO is often misunderstood unless you’re already working in marketing or some related field.

I normally phrase it along the lines of ‘making websites appear higher on Google when people are searching for their products. The higher they can appear, the more people will visit their site.’

For a child it could be as simple as ‘I make more people find what they need on the internet’.

What are the basics of SEO that a beginner should learn?

Understanding how keywords work, and how they should appear across a web page is some of the basics that should be understood.

Google has a lot of resources and educational material on what they deem good practice, and since 96% of online searches is through Google, it would be a good idea to follow their recommendations.

In order to place keywords strategically across a web page you’ll also need to understand heading structure (H1, H2, H3, H4 titles and so on). These effectively tell google and users what there page is about.

They are easy on-page SEO fixes and have a drastic effect on Google’s perception of a website.

What are the most important soft skills to have when working with SEO?

Patience is great attribute to have for an optimiser; some large sites can have 100’s or 1000’s of issues that need correcting, so working through a large list of errors can take time and require focus.

Problem solving is also a key skill; some errors will be easy to fix, others might need time to understand before resolving. It’s a constant learning curve even for seasoned experts as SEO is always evolving, so don’t be afraid if an issue arises that you’re unsure about; it’s not a problem, it’s a solution!

How long it did it take you to learn SEO?

I started working on web design and development about 7 years ago.

While not focused specifically on SEO, this was a crucial part of my development as it helped me understand website structure, and see what strategies helped a site rank higher than others.

I’ve been solely focused on SEO for just over 1 year now, and have spent a large amount of time and money learning from every educational resource I could find.

What is the easiest and most efficient way of learning SEO?

Go to Youtube and watch people such as Ryan Stewart, Fat Joe, Backlinko, MOZ Local, and SEMrush. There is so much free material from these channels that you’ll have a great understanding after binge watching these videos.

Then the hard part; put it into practice. Make a website and actually optimise it. Or offer to optimise a friend/family member’s site for free.

What are the best resources to learn SEO as a beginner?

Learn Digital With Google, Google Analytics Academy and SEMrush Free SEO Certification are all amazing resources.

I would highly recommend reading and watching everything possible from SEMrush and Ahrefs, the two leading SEO platforms that most SEO agencies will use.

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