Connect with Janette!

Connect with Janette!

It’s time to increase your impact, influence, and income with Media! As an entrepreneur, professional, coach, speaker, book author or content creator with an

important message to share, getting media or speaking placements for your brand & business has never been more important for both start-ups and established businesses and can help transform you from your industry’s best-kept secret to a recognized expert overnight.




• 83% of people trust personal recommendations when it comes to buying a product or service - according to a Neilson study.

• 8 out of 100 (8%) individuals who watched an interview or product review on YouTube will buy the product. The average online marketing rate only has a conversion of 4%, this platform doubles it.

• Publicity is still the fastest way (lightyears beyond social media) to be discovered.

• Third-party endorsement & recommendations are essential for brands in all sectors to boost your credibility.

• Media & speaking placements bring visibility & influence that affect the way a business or individual is viewed by the wider public, which will impact its brand, image, and sales.

But you’ve likely already noticed that obtaining media & speaking exposure for your business, online, through social media, YouTube, Instagram TV, Facebook LIVE or similar, pod & webcasts, in a newspaper, magazine, on a traditional radio or TV show can be challenging.

Well, that’s about to change!

Take Janette’s short Media Training survey & book a 1:1 Strategy Call with and discover the 3 things you must have in place to become a sought-after media guest or speaker on world stages and gain more media, pod/webcast & speaking opportunities than you ever imagined possible. She will also tell you how you can reach her Janette’s TV & Podcast audience of over 5 million with her signature Brand Showcase Package.