Important FAQs before Installing Solar Panels

Important FAQs before Installing Solar Panels

Installing solar panels on a building is a huge step. It is expensive and needs proper planning to install.

. People get nervous when planning to install solar panels because of the cost and planning it takes.

Read on to get some answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding solar panels.

Is My Roof Strong Enough for The Weight of Solar Panels?

This is one of the basic questions asked by buyers. Your roof needs to be structurally sound if it is going to hold the weight of the solar panels. If it is damaged, you need to get it repaired. Make sure that your roof is in good condition to handle the weight of the solar panels.

What Panel Size Should I Choose for Increased Cost Savings?

Deciding on the size of your solar panels is much more complex than you think. You just can’t estimate by looking at your usage or electricity bills. Usually, the solar contractors or company will collect the following information for estimating the size of solar panels.

● The orientation of your roof

● Your usage needs

● How much you are charged for utility

● The surplus amount of electricity you want on the grid

This data is necessary to forecast the size of the most suitable solar system for your home or office.

Is It Necessary for My Roof to Be Toward the Sun?

Solar panels get their energy from the sun. They absorb the heat and light and convert this energy into electricity. The more they are facing towards the sun, the more energy they will produce.

That’s why it is important to install your solar panels on a roof that faces the sun for long periods of time.

What Is the Product Warranty for Solar Panels?

Many solar panel providers back it with a warranty of 25-30 years. This warranty claims that the solar panels will maintain their quality for a number of years up to a specified time. For example, if your solar panel is not producing enough light as it should you can use warranty claims to replace faulty panels.

A typical industry guarantees that solar panels generate 80% of electricity after 20 years of usage.

What Type of Solar Installation Is the Best?

This depends on you. If you are looking for residential solar panels, you can choose from standard roof installations, solar carport, or ground-mounted systems. What system is best for you will depend on your needs, available space, and design.

If you are not sure which one to pick, you can consult any solar power installation service.

Is It Necessary to Look for A Licensed Solar Panel Installer?

It is critical to check for the licenses of any solar panel installer. The contractor should be insured and follow the regulations. Knowing that the solar panel installer has the required license to perform the required tasks associated with your specific property will create a sense of safety.

Do Solar Panels Need to Be Maintained?

Solar panels require little cleaning. The only cleaning you need to take care of is to make sure that nothing is blocking the panels from receiving the sun's rays. However, seasons of snowfall may require proper cleaning.

How Does Extreme Weather Affect Solar Panels?

Top-quality solar panels can withstand harsh weather conditions such as snow or hail storms. Moreover, they can even survive hurricanes. But that doesn’t mean that they will not be affected by sudden harsh conditions.

Unless your panels are under warranty, you can always call your seller for repair or replacement. When the temperature increases, for example, over 90 degrees, panels can lose efficiency by 1% per degree. That’s why elevating them a little is necessary for air circulation.

Is There Any Difference in Maintaining Ground and Solar Panels?

The only difference between the two is that ground panels are more accessible. This makes them easy for service and maintenance. However, solar panels that are installed on the roof, increase their efficiency.

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