What makes Coronet’s Cybersecurity Capabilities Special in 2022?

What makes Coronet’s Cybersecurity Capabilities Special in 2022?
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Coronet’s award-winning, cloud-based cyber security services provide companies visibility into the level of risk of WiFi or cellular networks, and comprehensive

Coronet cyber security firm – at the pricing of 0 to 9 USD - provides threat detection and protection for devices, users, and cloud applications including Office 365, G-Suite, Slack, and Salesforce, and for endpoint protection and data loss prevention.

Based out of New York, this firm has raised $60 Mn+ funding and has about 150-200 employees.

Coronet is one of the global leaders in providing organizations of all sizes with security for their cloud applications, Bring-Your-Own-Devices, and communications on public networks.

For developing a solution that supports the continuous identification and real-time protection of mobile threat vectors, Coronet Cyber Security is awarded a Frost & Sullivan 2016 Global Award for technology innovation.

Coronet’s award-winning, cloud-based cyber security services provide companies visibility into the level of risk of WiFi or cellular networks, and comprehensive enforcement of wireless connectivity policies across every device. Coronet provides small to medium-sized businesses with an easy, cost-effective, instant-on solution that provides real-time cyber-attack defense.

With global monthly active users, Coronet uses AI to identify and mitigate threats, eliminating the need for security teams to hunt for security incidents. Coronet’s cybersecurity platform is built for enterprises seeking complete, enterprise-grade security, without draining IT resources and budgets.

Built on artificial intelligence, Coronet helps protect data in cloud/SaaS platforms using automated data loss prevention (DLP), alerts of suspicious user behaviors, protection against malware and ransomware, security and compliance at the endpoint, as well as real-time auditing and automated remediation.

Coronet is one of the fastest growing cyber security solutions in the middle-market, providing comprehensive protection that enables organizations to protect against malware, ransomware, phishing, and bots on devices, users, and cloud applications.

One of the partnerships announced last year in Nov, allows Sandler Partners to provide Coronets enterprise-grade security as a service for their thousands of technology partners, on devices, networks, emails, and popular cloud applications.

Targeting the enterprise market via partnerships with carriers, device manufacturers, and managed security service providers (MSSPs), Coronet is immediately available. Based in Beersheba, Israel, Coronet detects and avoids commjacking (eavesdropping, eavesdropping, and manipulation over WiFi and cellular networks), making devices resistant to malicious actors.

Coronet’s thought leadership is evident from the fact that back in 2015, it addressed a then-rapidly growing cyber threat aimed at capturing, or commjacking, a communications channel between any device and a WiFi network or cell tower it is connected to.

Presently, through Coronet’s technology, enterprises can secure their business data, assets, and IPs, Coronet’s suite of enterprise management tools allows CSOs and organizations to actively detect threats, attacks, and compromised devices in real-time, so that they can secure company IP, confidential data files, credentials, and employees private data from cybercriminals and corporate spies.

Coronet's new mobile security technologies prevent attacks automatically, either by outrunning attackers, or enforcing risk-based access to business resources.

At the core of Coronet’s new mobile security technology is a lightweight app that runs on any device, whether a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Coronet serves small to midsize businesses using cloud applications like Slack, Office 365, Dropbox, etc.*

Coronet was selected out of 3,000 cybersecurity companies by an independent team of IT security experts following months of reviews.

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