Why is Crowd Testing Essential for Media Software?

Why is Crowd Testing Essential for Media Software?

You have developed media software for your business and are ready to go-live. But is your software free of bugs? If not, you must fix it ASAP.

You have developed media software for your business and are ready to go-live. But is your software free of bugs? If not, you must fix it ASAP. Otherwise, If it is found by your customers, then they put your company’s reputation down.

We all know there are 3.80 billion social media users all across the world. And these numbers increase every year due to the more usage of mobile phones. Just imagine if your customer put negative online feedback against your media software, then how would you address that situation? Can you fight with more people? As you know, the viral nature of social media.

People take advantage and start commenting on social media platforms for fun. It happens when you don’t provide quality software to your customers.

Can you retain your customers back? No, you can’t because social media has the power to make or break brands. It would be better if you consider media software testing and quality assurance. Do you know why we are encouraging you to get media app testing services? Because QA is your best friend that can help you deliver great software to your customers. Know more about its benefits:

● QA maintains an excellent user experience.

● QA brings in more profit.

● QA promotes organization efficiency and productivity.

● QA gives satisfaction to customers.

● QA saves you money.

● QA protects catastrophic corporate emergencies.

How to Make Media Software Successful?

The answer is Crowd Testing.

What is the meaning of Crowd Testing? Why is it essential for your media software? Well, it is a method that is in a high trend if we talk about software testing because it combines the benefits, efficiency, and effectiveness of the cloud platform and crowdsourcing. It comes under media software/app testing services and differs from traditional testing methods.

This type of testing is performed by many different testers from different places. They can quickly eliminate bugs from your media software. It allows for remote usability testing due to the recruitment ease of specific target groups from the crowd.

You can have two or more testers from different geographic locations, countries, and continents. Numerous professionals offer QA automation testing for media and entertainment or crowd source testing services worldwide. They can test your software on various devices because crowdsourced testing provides multi-version devices, multi-platforms, and environments to test any media software.

The more crowd testers you have, the faster you can detect bugs from your software. Remember that, if anything takes time to fix, then it costs a hefty amount of money. But, if you get media app testing services from crowd testers, they can help you get superior results and save your time and money.

Is Performing Testing for Media & Entertainment Companies Tough?

Performing testing for media & entertainment companies can be challenging if the crowd testers you have hired don't have a customization approach and tools.

This is why most people today prefer customized media software testing solutions because it ensures high-quality, fast, and continuous content streaming on any platform or device.

If you aim to conduct extraordinary media and news events in your software, you should first have user-friendly and crash-proof apps. This is something that your customers want, and this is something they expect while using any software on the device. Crowd testing is used for web and mobile applications.

Common crowd testing usage involves:

1. Functional Testing: The crowd is a wonderful choice to test the functionality of your digital media application. Functional testing with crowd testers is the best-in-class approach to address all of the issues that might appear on the QA side of your software development life cycle. Always choose an experienced QA for the media and entertainment industry because that will help you cover all QA aspects of your customer life cycle and provide security, accessibility like features to your online product.

2. Usability Testing: Do you want to understand the customer’s insights of your media software? Usability testing aims to reveal how people use your app or what they think about it. Get media app testing services with the crowd to identify challenges or test the usability of your software. You can implement the test on pre-release apps or the app which is already live.

3. UI and UX Testing: The UX team designers create the layout, visual style, and designs for your app. Developers put their best efforts to interpret these designs, but who ensures the accuracy of those designs? How do those designs translate across screen sizes and device types? The solution is the crowd. Only that can help you understand the design value of your product.

4. Compatibility Testing: A pool of testers who have various operating systems, devices versions, languages, configurations, and physical locations. This broad spectrum of real-world scenarios supports the crowd to identify compatibility issues at a reasonable cost.

5. Load Testing: No doubts many software tools used while testing for media & entertainment companies, but nothing can beat testers' knowledge. Without proper coordination of testers, no tool can produce the right results. Successful load testing assures the quality of the application that you can efficiently serve to a large number of users.

6. Security Testing: hacking software or committing a cybercrime is the by-handed game of hackers. While getting media software testing service, don’t forget to analyze and monitor your system's threats. Demanding security for your media software is your responsibility, and providing security crowd testing should be the priority of your professional crowd testers.

How the Concept of Crowd Testing Starts?

Many industries have started to use digital technologies, and there is a massive growth seen in SaaS, Cloud, and mobile space. Due to this, it would be a bad idea to implement traditional ways in modern scenarios.

When people analyze that their software can’t achieve growth with old methods, then they start collecting ideas from groups. The collection of large groups is known as crowdsourcing. The great thing is crowdsourcing is done online. You can engage with your customers as well as employees. You can gather multiple strategies and implement them with the right technical skills.

As per the 2017-2018 world quality report, 34% of companies in the software industry have utilized crowdsourced solutions to enhance testing bandwidth.

Why Is Crowd Testing the Need of the Hour for Media Software?

● Millennials are interested in working on various projects.

● Tighter immigration rules have restricted movements of human resources among countries.

● The access to get testing specialists is limited due to such barriers.

● Companies are facing challenges due to COVID-19.

Addressing these types of issues with crowdtesting is much easier. It provides an opportunity to hire media app testing services providers directly or via a crowd testing agency.

How Can BugRaptors Help You?

BugRaptors is your ideal media software testing company that offers QA automation testing for media and entertainment to help you gain benefits like faster time-to-release, raise ROI, cut costs, and end fragmentation issues.

What’s more?

● Increase the play store ratings.

● Real-time subscription management.

● Reduce mobile crash rates by up to 94%.

● Global delivery model.

● Focused oversight.

● Avoid project delays through the shift-left approach.

● Managed crowd testing.

● Performance and load testing.

● Overcome digital transformation risks & challenges.

Get a media software testing solution from BugRaptors. We are a certified software testing company with having many years of experience to serve you business-specific crowd testing services.