What Qualities and Skills Make up the Great Testers?

What Qualities and Skills Make up the Great Testers?

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You may be aware of the word “Spinal Cord”. What is it? And why is it of great importance for us as humans? Well, you might think it to be what a silly question it is. Of course with the help of our backbone, we can move our body, to sit and stand. Without it, a human body becomes paralyzed. Similarly, when it comes to a highly complex industry like software testing, testers are regarded as the backbone of the organization. Because the overall organization’s revenue depends upon the tester’s ability to ensure the quality of software products. Without testers, the software testing industry is nothing just an absolute failure. Even though the market is chock full of test management tools, automation tools but still the need for testers can not be denied.

Being A tester - If you are reading this article and you are a tester, then clap yourself once. Be proud of who you are, what you do. You are a person who reduces work in many fields, who frequently release projects without any defects, and you are a person who is the spinal cord of an organization.

Moreover, you are the one who ensures peace of mind for the end-user. Without you, it is almost impossible to successfully complete the project.

As a tester, you should keep working hard to get better and better.

What should be the qualities of a good tester?

To be a good tester you need to have some special skill set and qualities within you. Let’s discuss what these qualities are;

Must have knowledge of test management tools - Manual testing alone can not be sufficient in many cases, that’s why many companies implement the use of special test case management tools to reduce the time-consuming testing processes while incorporating efficiency. For this purpose, you as a tester must have prior knowledge about how to use such test case management tools and how to get the most out of it. After all, it depends upon the tester’s ability if they are able to use a tool to its full potential for its project requirements or not. So in order to fulfill your duty, you have knowledge about the use of these tools.

Quality must not be compromised at any cost - Never compromise on quality after certain testing phases. There is no test limit before producing a quality product. Quality is a word made by software testers to achieve more effective testing. Any degree of compromise will lead to product defects and product defects would lead to massive product failures along with unsatisfied customers.

Customer satisfaction must be your top-notch priority - Always think of the ways to make customers happy. If customers are happy, the organization will reap more profits, if the organization reaps more profits, upper management will be happy. And results would be in your own career growth as well. Remember one thing customers can only become happy when the product your organization offers is err and glitches free. And the product your organization will offer to the customers depends on your ability to perform good enough testing.

Don’t promise 100% test coverage - It is easy to say 100% paper coverage, but it is actually impossible. Therefore, never promise the total test coverage to anyone, including your customers. In the enterprise, there is a philosophy-"Insufficient commitment and too much delivery". Therefore, it is not a goal of 100% coverage but a focus on test quality.

Patient enough to accept suggestions (either good or bad) - You can only prove to be a great tester when you are patient enough to accept the suggestions coming from upper management and colleagues regarding your testing efforts. Suggestions and critics are an important way to improve your testing efforts of the project you are working on.

Stop playing the blame game - Any defects not found in the test are usually blamed on others. This situation is more common if the responsibilities of testers are not specifically defined. But don't blame anyone under any circumstances. If an error occurs, try to solve it first, without asking someone to blame it.

As humans, everyone makes mistakes, so please avoid blaming others. Teamwork, build team spirit.

Final Thoughts

Since testing is an inevitable part of the software development life-cycle, testers are also an inevitable part of the testing process. If you are a tester and you want to give your 100% to your job then try to develop aforementioned qualities and skillset within you.