Remote Security Testing to Support Businesses

Remote Security Testing to Support Businesses

Security experts provide a range of solutions to help businesses address challenges in the cyber security atmosphere.

Organizations are evolving regarding the security of their people, data and business unlike ever before. They are adapting the way they work, and ensure that the environment they work in secure and supports technology and business continuity and resilience can exist for many businesses. Presently, a large proportion of companies are trying to maintain their daily operations and services including supporting remote workforce. It is a part of their proactive approach against the ever-evolving threats that businesses continue to face. Thus, they invest in security testing services to ensure their systems, networks and software applications are secure.

Security against Cyber Threats

In order to support all the efforts to ensure software security, the security testing companies are also providing remote services. By leveraging these services, these companies continue to operate while maintaining their security against cyber threats. These services include penetration testing which is already performed remotely. There can be internal network and app testing server compliance reviews, that are typically performed on-site with a physical presence too.

Penetration Testing Services

Security testing services also include penetration testing, which is a technical assessment that is designed to identify the vulnerabilities that exist in specific assets that can be an internal network, mobile application or an external network for any organization. This testing technique continues to be one of the most common and useful tools organizations use for in-depth evaluation of the implemented security controls. They should be working efficiently and are extremely important for maintaining an organization’s security posture.

Remote Security Testing

A good testing company should deliver a complete suite of security tests remotely that includes testing that would typically require a physical presence, but it is performed remotely. The solutions should be safe, secure and provide a reliable connection into an organization’s network or cloud environment and allows the security experts to perform the required assessments.

Performing penetration testing can have a substantial impact on an organization's security posture if it is carried out on a regular basis. It is important to perform an internal assessment remotely for the following mai reasons:

  • It allows the assessments to continue due to the increasing travel bans being enforced globally
  • It is easier to be deployed and its usage enables security testing services to perform an internal assessment worldwide, regardless of the location
  • The on-demand access also allows a faster response for the cases where internal access is required quickly, which is an urgent requirement for testing
  • It limits any sort of delays that are caused due to travel disruption or special travel requirements (including visas or other permits)
  • It reduces the travel expenses that are associated with various consultants present on-site.

The remote security testing services allow organizations the flexibility to respond and react to unforeseen events. This is extremely beneficial for businesses that need to have their hands on the security measures, and strengthen their security stature from cyber-criminals. Security experts provide a range of solutions to help businesses address challenges in the cyber security atmosphere.