Kill the Offshore Software Testing Misconceptions

Kill the Offshore Software Testing Misconceptions

The service provider is unable to understand your business and products - To not repent later on your decision of acquiring services from a particular offshore

Working with remote teams is not as easy and simple as some people think. When you are working with a team in front of you with whom you can discuss all your work-related concerns, things become easier, and to come up with effective solutions against problems becomes possible. But that’s not the same case with remote teams. Having the use of remote teams means attention towards coordination, privacy, and security of systems, centralized procedures, and effective communication. This makes the job of people even more difficult than relaxing. But that does not mean you can never be productive via working with remote teams. If you think so then you are also the one who is believing in the myths.

In the software development domain, one of the challenging jobs is of quality assurance professionals. For this purpose, many firms refer to offshore software testing companies to get their burden light and handle their testing project for their testing services partners. But many firms resist referring these third-party service providers because of the misconceptions that are common in the market. And they turned their back on the idea of acquiring outsourcing testing services because of the negative reviews from the earlier organizations who acquired. If you’re also the one who wants to lighten up the burden of software testing from the shoulders of their testers, but you are resisting to acquire services because of the negative feedback from the social circle, then you might read this article carefully. This article will focus on the ways to kill these misconceptions;

Risk of intellectual property - Many business owners have this misconception that service providers are not good at keeping the safety of their intellectual property and the valuable internal organizational information. But let me ask these all business owners one simple question, can you people guarantee that a particular employee in your organization would never leave your company? Can you guarantee that the things and the work procedures they learned at your company they will not take those with them? Then how can you reject the offshore software testing model because of this stupid reasoning?

Remember that experienced outsourcing providers give high priority to signing confidentiality agreements or NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) to protect trade secrets, as well as comply with the strictest security measures, just like an internal team member would at your company.

The remote team will make you unproductive - Many people who oppose outsourcing worry that being in different locations will hinder communication and reduce productivity, but this is a misunderstanding. Nowadays, more and more employees use tools such as Skype and Zoom for conference calls, and use tools such as Slack to send instant messages. When you and testers have face-to-face communication, the meeting will become more serious. Full of goals all the time, because there is no time to waste! But if you have to work remotely your major source of being productive is to have effective communication with the other end and this can be made possible by using various online mediums and tools on regular basis i.e conduct daily morning meeting with your remote teams to be on the same page about the project status.

Offshore testing is meant for large businesses - Although large businesses are one step ahead of small and medium enterprises this does not mean that large businesses were popular among market from the scratch. Large was also small someday. The reason to highlight this fact is because of the illogical reasoning behind the resistance towards acquiring outsourcing testing services. This is not written in any book or is neither a universal rule that only large businesses can get befits from acquiring offshore testing services. As the business grows you need more testers, even if you’re running a small business. Instead of hiring more and more testers, you can handle your testing projects to a team of experts by just incurring the initial costs of hiring.

The service provider is unable to understand your business and products - To not repent later on your decision of acquiring services from a particular offshore firm, the best thing you can do is to find an organization that is familiar with your industry and the products you develop.