Common Challenges Faced by Mobile App Developers

Common Challenges Faced by Mobile App Developers

The hype of the mobile applications is real and one can’t see it coming down anytime sooner. The industry of mobile application development is growing at a much faster pace than expected and predicted. Every mobile application is different from others and serves a totally different purpose so every app needs to be developed in a different way based on the requirements. Where almost every company of every industry loves to have a mobile app of their own, the need for a mobile application testing company never diminishes. These companies help remove the loopholes left by the developers.

However, the loopholes are not there due to the mistakes of the developers. At times, the presence of loopholes indicates the challenges developers faced while developing the application and the solutions they devised to overcome the challenges. Here are some of the common challenges faced by every mobile application developer:

Right Development Approach

As discussed earlier, the development approach of every mobile application is a lot different from others based on its purpose and requirements. There are a lot of development frameworks to choose from so at times, when the requirements are not shared well, developers end up choosing the wrong framework. This adds up to the work for the mobile application testing company chosen to test the app one final time. It is crucial for businesses to provide the right set of requirements so the developers can develop the app accordingly.

Engaging and Trendy Appearance

A lot of people accept or reject mobile applications based on their appearance. Developers are aware of this fact so they invest a lot of time in thinking and developing an application with an engaging experience. However, at times, they overdo the whole “good appearance” and it ends up cluttered with a lot of text, colors, images, and options making the user flee away. It is important for the developers to keep the appearance normal for the users instead of overdoing it.

Low Budget Offered

Although companies love the idea of having a mobile application but they do not like the idea of spending a lot of money over it. While the developers come with great ideas and need $3,000 to $150,000 to bring it to life, they are not offered even half of it at times. Unfortunately, this is a sad reality that a lot of mobile application developers have to accomplish their tasks at a low budget as well.

Cross-Platform Apps

The growing number of phone options comes as a huge challenge for app developers as they have to develop applications that would work just fine on all operating systems, screen sizes, and devices. It might sound easy but it is enough of stress for a developer to keep him up for days. No matter how much a developer tries, there are always some issues a mobile application testing company has to deal with on the mobile application testing phase. Developers are moving towards using responsive designs now and are hoping for better results.