5 Things That Increase The Significance of Penetration Testing In 2022

5 Things That Increase The Significance of Penetration Testing In 2022

Penetration testing is conducted to detect vulnerabilities and rectify them prior to an attacker. Occasionally, the department of information technology has the knowledge of informed vulnerabilities. However, it still requires an external specialist to properly report them. As a result, management knows the susceptibilities and will work to fix them. Sometimes, it is good to collaborate with good penetration testing companies. But, first of all it is always good to know the things that highlight the significance of penetration testing in 2022.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting to you the list of five things that increase the significance of penetration testing this year.

Meeting The Compliance

There has been a directive in the payment card industry that comply the PCI-DSS guidelines for ongoing an annual penetration testing. Penetration testing permits the companies to eradicate the original risks that are linked with the network.

Maintaining Goodwill, Profitability and Confidentiality

If you fail to protect the data confidentiality, it will result in the loss of goodwill of the company. You might have to face legal consequences. A security attack can impact the accounting records adversely and bring a decrease in the profitability of the company. Therefore, penetration testing a service assists the companies to discover the time that is taken by an attacker for the system breach. It also assists in authenticating the companies to formulate security teams to eliminate the threats.

To Authenticate Secure Configurations

The penetration testing reports are verified only if the security team of an organization is performing well. They have complete knowledge of their final results and actions. The reports of penetration testing authenticate them. All good penetration testing companies act like a confirming agent that confirm if the system security offers a view that lacks inside preferences. The entity outside this also measures efficiency of the team like security operators. It also assists to recognize the gaps in system.

It Plays An Imperative Role In Offering Security Training For The Network Staff

Top-notch penetration testing companies permit the security managers to identify and reply to the cyber-attacks types in a proper manner. For example, sometimes the penetration tester compromises the system without bringing it in the knowledge on someone effectively. This is considered as a failure to train the staff on effective monitoring of the security.

Evaluating The Implementation of New Technology

It is very important for us to evaluate the application of new technology before taking it to the product phase. This saves a lot of time and financial resources. This is because it is much easier to resolve gaps and susceptibilities before launching the application for the customers.


After viewing the discussion above it can be concluded that significance of penetration testing cannot be overlooked. The pandemic has led to the shift of everything on computers and online. This has increased the chances for cyber criminals to attack the websites and apps. Therefore, all the software and app development companies look for top-notch penetration testing companies to deliver a secured experience to the customers. App security has a direct impact on the company’s image. This is because; an app that delivers safe experience to the customers is likely to attack more people in comparison to the app that is attacked by the hackers. Therefore, more customers means more profitability.