Top 6 SAP Testing Tools That You Must Know

Top 6 SAP Testing Tools That You Must Know

SAP makes the business processes work efficiently as it provides customers with the ability to interact with common corporate databases.

SAP or System Applications and Products primarily provides customers with the ability to interact with common corporate databases. It is used for a comprehensive range of applications. It makes the business processes work efficiently as it is an integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

SAP Testing Services are in great demand these days. It is same as software application testing but for applications based on SAP ERP. Whenever there is a change made in the SAP software, test cases are created accordingly to verify the updated functionality. Performance testing and web testing are also a part of the SAP testing solution.

Benefits of Testing SAP Applications

SAP testing is similar to manual testing in software applications, as it is used to find and remove errors at various business modules like Finance, Manufacturing, Human Resource, etc.

Business owners choose a reliable SAP testing company to gain the maximum benefits from SAP applications. Some of the main advantages of SAP testing are:

• Improved test coverage

• Better product quality and fewer production outages

• Workload decreases with each release cycle

SAP testing services includes Unit testing, Functional and Regression testing, UAT testing, and Integration testing. It is essential to create a significant SAP Test case and choose the right strategy for SAP testing.

In this post, we share the Top 6 SAP Testing Tools that are widely used by industry experts.

SAP Testing Tools

A QA tester must have the basic knowledge of the testing tools commonly used for various SAP projects. Using the right testing tools leads to better test coverage, reducing the testing time and improving the productivity for customer satisfaction. The most popular automation SAP Testing Tools are:

1. WorkSoft

WorkSoft is chosen by SAP and is called the “Gold Standard” for SAP testing. Enterprises looking to accelerate Agile-plus-DevOps adoption and testing complex, end-to-end business processes for SAP and non-SAP applications, use WorkSoft for premier continuous test automation. It is designed to meet the unique objectives of each client.

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2. RightData

It is a self-service SAP data testing tool which is excellent for automation of data quality assurance, data quality control processes, and migration/upgrade testing. It is easy to configure, execute, and schedule SAP data reconciliation and validation test scenarios without any programming. RightData makes testing, validation, and reconciliation of data simple for S/4 HANA migration, as outlined in SAP’s Rapid Data migration methodology.

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3. Testimony

Testimony eliminates test script creation and maintenance and removes the need for test data management. It is a part of the only DevOps and tests automation platform, which is engineered specifically for the SAP software. It reinvents SAP regression testing. The unique Robotic Test Automation technology creates and updates a comprehensive regression test library automatically.

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4. Micro Focus (QTP) UFT

It is undoubtedly, one of the most popular tools in the market and supports many environments. The primary reasons why it is used for SAP Testing are its excellent features and user-friendly quality. Even testers without any expertise can efficiently use QTP Automation Tool.

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5. eCATT

eCATT is a software testing tool created by SAP to automate test scenarios. It enables testing in SAP UI for windows and JAVA. Experts believe that eCATT is a replacement for CATT, for new developments with better features.

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6. Selenium

It is open-source and one of the most used web testing frameworks that are used for web testing applications in SAP. It is widely used for SAP testing using a very supportive web driver. With a framework like TestNG, Selenium works best for functional testing.

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There are other standard SAP Testing Tools like Tricentis Tosca, Micro Focus Silk Test, SAP TAO, Ranorex Studio, TestComplete, JMeter, Open STA, Load Runner, IBM Rational Performance Tester, etc.

To Conclude

It is essential that every organization partners with an established SAP testing company, where the testers have expertise in providing the best SAP testing solutions. Every project has different business requirements, budget and varying inputs and outputs. An experienced and professional SAP Testing Service provider understands the importance of selecting the appropriate SAP testing tools for successful automation.