7 Proven Ways to Sell More Online with Video Marketing

7 Proven Ways to Sell More Online with Video Marketing
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Practically every ecommerce business aims at selling more online. For a variety of reasons, video marketing encourages customers to buy. Learn more now!

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With the outbreak of COVID-19, when people avoid public places, consumer buying behavior has changed and online shopping is at its peak of popularity. In fact, ecommerce sales are predicted to reach $4.9 trillion by the end of 2021.

It's no wonder that more and more businesses create and run e-stores to showcase the variety of their products, inform interested visitors about the product benefits, and engage with visitors to turn them into loyal customers. But with the choice overload, it's still not enough to sell more products online.

To grab the attention of your target audience and stay ahead of all competitors who hope for the attention of the same audience, it's essential to know their content preferences and therefore produce content your potential customers are interested in.

To make a long story short, modern customers have a strong preference for videos. Why? Recent research has found that 84% of customers claim that watching a brand's video has convinced them to buy a product, 66% of people want to learn more about a product through videos, and 86% of people want to see more videos from brands they support.

If you've started with video marketing, that's great. But if you know how to create videos that hook your customers and encourage them to make the purchase decision, that's even better.

Here are seven proven ways to sell more online with video marketing.

#1. Tell Your Brand’s Story

Videos are dynamic, so they allow makers to tell stories while keeping the viewers engaged. For brands, this means an opportunity to tell your brand's story that helps to connect with the right audience and interact with people who share your views and beliefs.

Moreover, storytelling has always been a great marketing tool. Not only does storytelling keep your viewers engaged and let you tell brand stories in an interesting way, but it also evokes emotions and strengthens a bond with customers.

The good news? Being on a tight budget, you can use stock footage to accompany it by interviews or voiceover. This approach helps to tell better stories without investing much money in video creation.

#2. Explain How Your Product Works

The modern market offers many options, so it can be difficult for customers to make purchase decisions unless they know all the benefits of products. Thus, explainer videos work well. They provide viewers with a quick overview of your product or its features which helps them understand whether your product or service can meet their needs and wants in an easy-to-understand way.

For instance, Trello uses the power of video content to tell about its board, explain its anatomy, and guide viewers on how to use it for better productivity.

7 Proven Ways to Sell More Online with Video Marketing

Since it's easier for people to perceive visual information and they retain 95% of the information after watching a brand's videos, explainer videos help tell more about your product and its benefits. As a result, potential customers realize the importance of your products or services and they are more likely to give it a try when it comes to buying. Simply put, it helps you sell more online.

#3. Take Users Behind the Scenes

Brand content and paid ads bombard users from all sides, so modern customers crave authenticity more than ever. Although showing off your products/services is important to attract new customers, maintaining customer relationships is a must. In other words, the age of authenticity is here and brands need to do their best and create an emotional connection with their fans.

One of the best and easiest ways to put a human face on your brand and increase brand loyalty is to take users behind the scenes. Whether you want to introduce your team members, feature your CEO, or show the product creation process, the best thing is that there's no need to produce overly-polished behind-the-scenes videos--just take your smartphone and be authentic.

#4. Show Your Product in Action

Online shopping has its pros and cons. For most online shoppers, it can be difficult to make the purchase decision without testing the product out and see whether it fits them or not. To ease the minds of worried customers, brands can create videos that show their products in action.

Here's how ASOS uses product videos on its website:

7 Proven Ways to Sell More Online with Video Marketing

With a short video of 10 seconds, the company keeps a focus on the featured product and shows it from all sides so that potential customers can understand whether it can meet their needs and wants. When shoppers see this video type, they make the purchase decision faster which means more sales for your business.

To take the next step, it can be a smart idea to create an augmented reality (AR) app where your potential customer can digitally try on products. However, make sure you know the app development cost in advance and it suits your marketing budget.

#5. Feature Video Customer Testimonials

Customer reviews are extremely powerful and effective these days. During the awareness stage, people seek out peer recommendations to ensure that the selected product can be a good fit for them. Thus, they read customer reviews.

To bring your business to the next level, it's a good idea to feature video customer testimonials. This video type looks more trustworthy as dissatisfied customers won't make video testimonials to share their negative customer experiences with other people. If you want to motivate your happy customers to create videos for you, make sure you have solid brand incentives like discounts or brand freebies that give them a solid reason to help your business grow.

#6. Sponsor Unboxing Videos

Another proven way to sell more online with videos is to sponsor unboxing videos. First, customers love the unboxing process that creates a sense of anticipation and therefore drives excitement.

Second, it can be an effective influencer marketing strategy that helps to collaborate with relevant opinion leaders and reach a wider audience with ease. For some influencers, it can be a good collaboration opportunity as it helps to interact with their audience which means higher engagement rates.

7 Proven Ways to Sell More Online with Video Marketing

In short, when influencers publish unboxing videos and feature your product, not only do they recommend your product to their social media following, but they also produce video content for you.

#7. Run Video Ad Campaigns

Most businesses agree that advertising is one of the most effective and fastest marketing tools that drive online sales. With the right targeting, your ad campaigns can reach potential customers, deliver the brand message, and convert them into buyers.

When planning your ad campaign, consider creating video ads as they drive engagement and results. Today, brands can choose a reliable ad maker and create stunning video ads that keep the audience engaged. Whether you want to show off your products, tell more about your product's features, video content can include all the relevant information your target audience should learn.

So, would it be great if you could sell more online? Make the most out of video marketing with the above-mentioned seven ways that help to drive ecommerce sales.