The Impact of COVID-19 on Social Media Marketing

The Impact of COVID-19 on Social Media Marketing

Coronavirus is changing behavior in the digital world. Find out what the impact of COVID-19 is on social media marketing.

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According to a study done by a research firm Nielsen mentions how social media volume saw a 50x surge between the months January till March in India during the outbreak of Covid-19. Their social media official noted that the buzz quickly picked up from 0.4 million in January and about 1.6 million during the month of February to an astonishing 20.3 million till March 24. Apparently, the number spiked simultaneously as the case for COVID-19 also spiked, from one in January to over 500 by the time March started.

“Each time PM Modi addressed the nation to make announcements such as Janata Curfew and 21-day total lockdown in March, social media volume noted a jump. Celebrities, cricketers and politicians urging people to follow the lockdown and five-minute gratitude showing on Janata Curfew day were other instances,” said Prasun Basu, South Asia Zone, who is the president of Nielsen Global Connect, he provided this information to various newspapers, it was a virtual briefing call to newspersons.

As people are left with limited activities when they are at home, social media comes to their rescue! People are now actively contributing and influencing others on various social media platforms. According to Nielson, the total number of 22.3 million were tapped by mid-march in the country itself. If we look back, then everyone got the social media fever mid-January when the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus in Wuhan district of China, initially started making headlines. As soon as the news broke, a campaign called Karo Namaste followed by an extreme usage of masks and sanitizers.

“Social media volume doubled in the same period as pantry preparation picked up significantly when social distancing and quarantining became the new norm. There was a decline in-store visit and jump in online shopping,” said Prasan Basu.

Impact of Social Media on different websites -

On Facebook - According to research done by Socialbakers, it showed how the audience of Facebook started reacting and reading more of Coronavirus related content presented by brand accounts with a lot more love reactions. Hence, suggesting that during these days, everyone is feeling a little emotional, people are appreciative of what the brands are trying to do, in whatever ways they can. If the pandemic continues, it will be interesting to see how these sentiments evolve.

On Instagram- According to the research, the industry with the highest median post-interaction is Instagram along with Facebook was Airlines. It has had the highest percentage of active pages and has unfortunately been hit the hardest by the pandemic. Many people tried to solve their queries through airlines’ social media. Other industries with lots of active pages posting and gaining interactions about Coronavirus include Finance, Telecom, and Gambling.

Paid vs Organic- Many brands across various parts of the world have reduced the amount of paid posts, as not all it can be attributed to Coronavirus, but as time goes by it has become clear that some of it are related to the tightening of the budget. Due to that, the circulation of organic posts has increased slightly across many regions since the beginning of this year. It is said that this trend is expected to grow as businesses are currently looking for less costly alternatives to engage with their audience.

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Stay safe, practice social distancing, but not from social media!