Create Your Custom Phone Cases

Create Your Custom Phone Cases
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Smartphones are not mere devices to connect us with our peers and the world. More than that, these modern gadgets help us perform a lot many tasks so easily.

There is no doubt that phone cases are now a reflection of our mood and representative of our lifestyle. Therefore, people keep many cases ready with them for their smartphones to express their feelings and moods of the day. They change these cases frequently. For many of them, phone covers are a way to make a trendy fashion statement as well. A sophisticated design of phone cases can also showcase the social staink of creating some unique smartphone replacement parts for your phone.

With your choice of colors, images, etc. elements, you can create a case that stands out from the ones available in plenty in the market. And, it’s quite easy to create your custom phone cases. Yes, you can also even think of starting your custom phone case business. If you know how to design these covers, you can also earn a decent income by selling them to the target customers. Due to the ever-increasing demand for the cases, your unique and impressive cases will be sold out quickly with a wise marketing plan in place.

The use of phone covers is increasing by each day not only as a protective cover but also as a way to make phones look attractive and distinctive. According to a survey, nearly 79% of smartphone owners used these covers for their phones. This stat shows the ever-increasing use of the covers. It should encourage you to take up the protective covers as a lucrative business. All you need to do is to create impressive covers and sell them from an online store to make an attractive profit.

Most-Chosen Platform To Create Phone Cases

If you are planning to start your phone cases business, then the best cost effective way is to open your shop with which is the leading creative marketplace. You can open your own shop free of cost at this site. Then, go on creating impressive phone cases and display them on your online shop at Print Shop and sell at an attractive profit. However, to sell custom phone cases successfully, you should create these pieces in your own unique ways and with new ideas.

1. Get Inspirational Ideas

Before you start working on your custom phone case artwork, you need some inspirational iPhone phone cases ideas and new thoughts for other brand’s cases. Once a unique idea strikes your mind, you can then implement it using your design skills. But what are the ways to get those ideas? Here is what you can do. You should do some photography, drawing, or a personal artwork that you can later use for the iPhone phone cases or the cases for other brands of smartphones. You can even use personal photos of your dear family members. Or use those memorable moments of some celebrations with your friends or family. How about some cute photos of your pets?

Also, think of a phrase or word that is inspirational to you and has meaning in your personal life. You can also think of some colors, images, and patterns that reflect your characteristics and personality. Use any image that is representative of your unique trait. Once you have finally chosen the elements that should go into creating your phone cases, then it much easier to do the rest of the creative work. Think of the target audience, as well. Since you intend to sell phone cases to the people, consider their various tastes and background as well. Find out which trends in colors, fonts, images, etc. are emerging and use them in designing the phone covers. You should also visit online collections of phone cases for inspiration.

2. Choose The Right Colors

Colors are powerful design elements to evoke our emotions. For instance, the red color is used to stir up passion, love, and aggression. So, choose the color, keeping in mind the set of emotions of your target customers when they see your phone cases. By picking the right colors, you can even create more personal and unique cases. Consider those colors that are specific to the look and style that your target customers prefer. This means you will keep in mind a wide range of colors and patterns so that customers have a lot of colors to choose from when they visit your collection of phone cases on PrintShop.

3. Play With Fonts

Can you experiment with fonts? If you try to do so, then the results will be amazing as far as creativity is concerned. Fonts are the elements that give personality to design or artwork. Bold fonts, handwritten fonts, comic fonts, and many other varieties of them are accessible to the designers and artists. Most phone cases are designed around the text. The text may be in the form of some inspirational quotes or phrases that describe something well. When choosing the fonts, think of how it will fit in the shape of the case. You should edit the text using different fonts to create Samsung phone cases or the cases designs for any other smartphone brand. But, avoid using multiple fonts as it will only distract the wholesale phone repair parts viewers. Use one or two fonts so that they are focused on your design idea. It is also important that you use a simple background so that the text pops up.

4. Use Good Quality Picture

One of the most important aspects of creating your custom phone cases is the picture you choose. Make sure that the picture is relevant to your theme and target audience. Secondly, when uploading the picture, which could be a drawing, logo design, etc. from your computer, it should be a quality image. The higher the quality of the image, the better are the chances of making an impact on viewers and buyers of your phone cases. Remember that your Samsung phone cases ideas are not going to deliver the result if the picture quality is not great.

Therefore, upload larger photos of up to 10 MB, and it should be in a PNG, JPEG, or GIF format. You can then reduce, enlarge, shift, or rotate the image as per your requirements to make the case look stand out. You can even create a collage made of different pictures of people, travel snaps, and memories.

5. Keep It Simple

In your enthusiasm to create something unique, you may design a cluttered phone case. Such a design confuses the viewers, and they simply avoid buying such cases. Therefore, keep the design simple. Use just one or two colors, fonts, and avoid incorporating too many elements. Sometimes, even a black white phone case with a motivating slogan is more enticing to the buyers than a complicated design. So, to create sony replacement parts that stand out, one of the conditions is that they all should have simple and sweet designs. You can still indulge in some show off with a simple but exotic design.

Use bold colors and fonts, but avoid using too many of them. Most importantly, let there be a good amount of vacant space that provides relief to the eyes and keeps them free of stress. Keep these basics in mind while designing your phone cases. With these considerations, you can then have a nice collection of a variety of cases that you can display in your PrintShop online shop. But make sure that your prices of the cases are attractive to the buyers. So, a combination of unique phone cases and enticing prices will surely help you sell more such pieces.