How Sentiment Customer Insights Can Benefit Your Twitch Ad Campaigns

How Sentiment Customer Insights Can Benefit Your Twitch Ad Campaigns

You might be thinking, “How to market on Twitch and make this channel work for me?” Well, get ready for the ride because we are about to share the secret.

Sentiment Customer Insights - If you haven’t heard much about Twitch, you are not alone. Until now, the platform remained one-of-the best mysteries of the gaming world. Though rolled out in 2011, Twitch is a live video streaming platform for content creators and spectators who participate through online chat.

Not to be confused with, Twitch streams are much more interactive than videos on other social platforms. To put it all in, high engagement levels and a strong bond with the audience are the main driving elements you think about marketing campaigns on Twitch.

You might be thinking, “How to market on Twitch and make this channel work for me?” Well, get ready for the ride because we are about to share the secret – “Sentiment Analysis.”

Here, we’ll shed light on why sentiment analysis is unskippable for Twitch marketing and how to strategize your Twitch ad campaigns with semantic customer insights.

But, before we delve deep, let’s find who advertises on Twitch?

Who Advertises on Twitch?

Twitch is different. Although the industry mammoth Amazon owns it, its users are an added feather in its hat- “the tech-savvy gamers.” These people are well-versed with a high level of interactivity and love sharing their experiences.

Twitch Audience is skewed as significantly male (a whopping 65%) and young (41% aged between 16-24 and 32% are between 25-34 years of age). Considering the stats, it’s not surprising that B2C companies selling apps and games, fast food, beverages, and gaming technologies dominate the lion’s share when everything funnels to advertising.

For example, Guess’s collaboration with an influencer, Adelaide Kane, is once in a blue moon scenario of a brand leveraging the female minority through the site. Kane has around 2 million followers on Twitter, clearly showcased a cross-platform opportunity to align their fashion label with this influential millennial star.

At this point, you might be thinking about how to capitalize this social media platform‘s momentum to curate a niche for your company. So, let’s look at Twitch as a commercial platform to understand how promoting a brand on it works.

Understanding Twitch As A Commercial Platform

As it is a singular demographic, Twitch is unique in the way that its users may not be only watching content on desktops or mobiles, but on web-enabled TVs, PlayStation and Xbox. By advertising on Twitch, you are potentially reaching a wider audience that is not available to other advertisers.

Notably, like other platforms, Twitch has a range of video and banner ad opportunities for both – cross-platform and targeted at the desktop or mobile users. Besides, from homepage ads to cross-screen videos to interactive spots and even influencer partnerships, there are numerous ways to present your product in front of its likely audience.

Here are some amazing stats about Twitch

140 million active users every month

Up to 127,000 live broadcasts running at a single point of time

Over 100 million app downloads

9.2 million live streamers

2 million viewers on average at any one time

Approximately 24% of users are based in the USA

Source: MediaLix

These stats make it a significant player in live-streaming, though not at the level of YouTube or TikTok. But, if your product matches Twitch’s unique demographic and character, you might witness an excellent ROI (Return On Investment) when you advertise there.

Same as YouTube, Twitch content producers can easily monetize their streams through a revenue-sharing model. However, unlike YouTube, Twitch users can also sell subscriptions or offer perks for high-level membership. Concisely, such perks include ad-free content delivery. In addition, Twitch also has a unique in-app currency called “Bits.” Users can create these and trade them on-site for special access privileges like shout-outs to preferred streamers.

How Semantic Drive Better Ad Placements on Twitch?

Integrating semantic analysis, brings a more targeted and qualified market for your business outreach. Besides, you can strategize a better stream of revenue by finding customer personas, strengthening partnership campaigns, and leveraging social media listening data.

Identify Your Customer Personas

With sentiment analysis, you can quickly identify the customer personas from an influencer or a streamer communication viewpoint using pre-trained models. You can also extract the basic profile information from Twitch, build customer persona sets, and see how they can match your ideal target market.

Meet the Best Influencers for Your Brand

A semantic API can quickly scan millions of posts and chats to focus on the tone and themes in the influencer’s posts and chats. These themes help you go beyond just the number of followers to a qualitative aspect of followers.

Safeguard Your Brand

You can secure your brand reputation with real-time semantic mining. Also, you can ensure that these mentions are not related to an influencer who does cyberbully and promotes or safeguard ideology mirrored by extremist, racist, xenophobic remarks.

Track Your Campaign

With time-stamped semantic search, audio-video images and texts connected to your brand mentions are extracted for analysis. For instance, if a streamer promotes a super-fast gaming processor, you can analyze how viewers respond to it.

The Data Sources To Obtain Customer Insight On Twitch

Chat content, live streaming, and channel information are mined to extract customer insights using a sentiment analysis platform. Twitch has a specific API for this job. So, let’s break down what information you can get from the three primary data sources:

Live Stream (Audio and Video)

With audio and video content analysis, it’s still possible to read emotional responses from twitch users and transcribe and analyze spoken utterances. Thus, by leveraging this information, you can have an easy escape to the unfiltered answers of Twitch streamers.


For Twitch, a sentiment analysis solution acts in its semantic breakdowns to analyze and understand chat comments. First, though, there are a handful of challenges that these data faces:

Chats can have frequent language sprinkled with youth subculture slang.

Fast typing usually comes with typos, grammatical errors, and a lack of punctuation.

Gamers have their jargon.

Twitch users have a range of proprietary emoticons, called Emotes, which encode specific types of Twitch interactions like boredom and laughter.

Moreover, you can web scrape Twitch for topic keywords to dig further into the content of what is said.


Thumbnails of Twitch channels are analyzed for brand logos which provide insights into the product mentions and brand awareness. Similarly, text analytics can be integrated to freeze frames excerpted at regular intervals, using a range of expert APIs.

Channel data like site visitors, popular streams, subscribers, and other vital data can be extracted from a steamer’s channel page.

Sentiment Analysis Done On Twitch

Here are the steps of how sentiment analysis is done on Twitch. Let’s see!

#Step 1: Audio Transcription

Video files are collected and converted to text using a speech-to-text program.

#Step 2: Caption Overlay

Next, the video analysis API breaks videos into frame-by-frame images, which are further analyzed for any keywords related to aspects and entities. Additionally, they are identified, extracted, and converted to analyzed text.

#Step 3: Image Recognition

Logos and brand-specific imagery are identified and categorized.


What’s the final thought when it is all about Twitch? It’s perfect for marketing.

Because Twitch attracts enormous engagement, several Twitch influencers have a significant following. There’s more! Few marketers are presently on the platforms, which manifold the slim chances of making a substantial impact on a smaller scale.

Supposedly you are of the opinion to make the most of the customer insight that Twitch can offer, partner with an industry expert offering cutting-edge-AI powered data analysis. An entrusted video content analysis is all you need to discover what Twitch users are thinking. Besides, it provides you with unaltered and unfiltered insights for your marketing and advertising campaigns.