The Bromeliad and other Flowering Plants

The Bromeliad and other Flowering Plants

We can enjoy almost every aspect of flowering plants. Their fragrances and colors are stimulating to the senses. Many provide a food and medicinal supply.

Today we look at some wonderful flowering plants that make a beautiful gift for yourself or someone special anytime, and keep on giving for years.

The Bromeliad Plant

There are over 3000 species of the Bromeliad Plant, from the pineapple plant to succulent plants and even Spanish Moss. The Bromeliad only flowers once. Once your plant has grown all its leaves and is finished flowering it will start producing “babies”- called plantlets or offsets. The Mother plant will survive a couple generations then she will die off. The little plant babies grow out at the base of the plant and will feed off the Mother until it has grown its own roots and can then be replanted to thrive on its own.

If you are trying to get your Bromeliad to flower, place your Bromeliad and an apple in a plastic bag together for 10 days. The apple will produce ethylene gas while decomposing which is said to help with the blooming process. Be sure there is no water in the central cup before attempting this.

Brant Florist has one called the Bromeliad Beauty that is delivered in a brown bamboo cube..

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Other Flowering Plants

Orchids are always a favourite flowering plant for any and all occasions.

The Glorious Gratitude Orchid is a beautiful way to express thanks for a special someone with this glorious living gift. Simply presented in a clear glass cylinder, these alluring purple orchids add natural elegance to any environment. Arranged with natural river rocks and sheet moss it is delivered in a cylinder vase.

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Mixed Planter Basket is a refreshing arrangement with the colourful kalanchoe in yellow or orange.

Ideal for sending in the summer and right into the cooler fall weather. With the right care and love you can enjoy this basket for a long time.

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Whether you choose a plant arrangement including flowering plants or love the beauty of green foliage, you can find a beautiful selection of flowering plants at Brant Florist. The stunning flower baskets are great addition to anyone's home or office. They look great in your house or on your front porch for everyone to see!

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