Send flowers for Christmas Dec 25th

Send flowers for Christmas Dec 25th

Christmas flower arrangements are one of our favourite arrangements to create. We also provide centrepieces and festive wreaths.

The holiday season is a special time and at Brant Florist we love being able to deliver beautiful arrangements to your door. We have a wonderful selection of wreaths, centrepieces, and flower arrangements.

10% Discount until Dec 11

Brant Florist is offering a 10% Discount on order to USA and Canada on orders over $60.00. Expires Dec 11th so order today!

Using goods available on hand in stock, allows Brant Florist to usually make same day gift delivery and next day gift delivery for almost all orders. If the specific flowers, container, plants, or gift items for your order are not in stock, then it will be necessary to substitute in order to complete same day or next day flower delivery.

The florist may be able to order specific in season flowers or plants for your order from a wholesaler or grower which may take 3 to 7 business days. This only applies to orders where you have ordered early enough and allowed enough time. Special containers usually cannot be ordered in advance.

Our Christmas Florists Choice Vase Arrangement may come in a variety of beautiful bouquets and arrangements.

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Choose your size, add a card, include a box of chocolates or a balloon. Choose your destination and then your delivery date, and we will prepare something everyone will enjoy receiving for the holiday season.

Product Sizes:

• The Standard size typically has fewer flowers as it is a more basic arrangement.

• The Deluxe size typically has an upgrade of more flowers and/or more expensive flowers added to the value of the arrangement.

• The Premium size typically has a substantial upgrade of more flowers and/or more expensive flowers added to the value of the arrangement.

• Exquisite will be the most flowers (or other product) arranged to show an enhanced presentation. It will usually be larger and or include more expensive unique flowers. But it will be very tasteful and not be ostentatious.

If tradition is your choice you can choose a Poinsettia in Red, Pink, or White.

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Send Holiday Hopes for Christmas.

We proudly present the joy and Hopes for Christmas across the country with this simply gorgeous Christmas inspired bouquet. Rich red roses and mini carnations are beautifully accented with white Peruvian lilies, red hypericum berries, lily grass blades, and an assortment of lush holiday greens to create an exceptional fresh flower arrangement. Presented in a clear glass cube, this holiday flower bouquet sends your warmest season's greetings to anyone in your life.

Brant Florist, Burlington, Burlington Florist

You can order by phone, email or online. We look forward to helping make your holiday season a special one.