Brant Florist Loves Spring Flowers

Brant Florist Loves Spring Flowers

Spring is here and it’s time to plant some new flowers and fill our homes with beautiful colours that we haven’t seen in a while.

Spring is here and Brant Florist is thrilled.

There are of course so many flowers and choosing the right ones usually comes with personal preference. And there are so many reasons why we choose the flowers that we do .

The always gorgeous Tulips, the lovely Daisies, and the always beautiful Daffodils. We hope that you’ve started thinking about what flowers you’re planning on planting this spring.


What a classic spring flower. The tulip is a perennial herbaceous and there are over 3,000 types. Tulips are generally large, showy and brightly coloured. They come in a variety of colours such as, red, pink, yellow and white. Some tips for gardening include planting the bulbs in the fall before the round freezes.

Why not order our Mixed Tulips in a Cubed Vase today and put spring indoors in your home or office.

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The daisy, bringing so much joy to everyone with it’s simple yet beautiful shape and colours. The flower is a herbaceous perennial with short creeping rhizomes and rosettes of small rounded or spoon-shaped leaves. The leaves are 3/4-2 inches, growing long and flat to the ground. And coming in colours such as red, orange, yellow, purple, pink and white. Send someone this cheerful bouquet of happy-faced white blooms, complete with sunny yellow centers – and presented in a graceful, curved Teleflora inspiration vase – and they’re sure to have a wonderful day.

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And finally, we have the daffodil, which is a spring perennial and should be planted in the fall 2-4 weeks before the ground freezes. They do best in direct sunlight or partial shade and they tend to grow 3-6 inches apart and should be planted 3 inches in the soil. You’ll find that there are a lot of different types of daffodils but the most common are the Golden Ducat, Petit Four and the Rip van Winkle. Our Springtime’s Here Bouquet captures the beauty of daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths.

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Ordering Flower from Brant Florist

Did you read about a flower you like? Or are you looking to send flowers to someone you love? There’s never a wrong time to send flowers and at Brant Florist we have lots to choose from. You can place your order online at anytime.

We look forward to hearing from you.