Brant Florist Favourite Summer Flowers

Brant Florist Favourite Summer Flowers

There are so many reasons why we give the gift of flowers. No matter what the reason or season, we can all agree that they can bring joy to someone.

At Brant Florist we have lots of favourites but today we wanted to share with you our summer flower favourites. Wherever you are in the world, most of these flowers should be ok. But we suggest you always check to make sure the climate is one that your flowers will grow well in.


Sunflower season is the best and what a better way to celebrate. Order these absolutely gorgeous sunflowers with their bright coloured petals and arranged in a beautiful glass vase. They’re waiting for you to share Pure Happiness with someone special. This bouquet of sunflowers, red roses and miniature carnations are beautifully arranged in a clear glass vase.

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Gerbera Daisy Bouquet

A gerbera daisy is a beautiful long-lasting flower. With their colorful petals, they brighten up any room. At Brant Florist, we have a stunning selection of gerbera daisies to choose from to create a beautiful bouquet of flowers. These flowers live long in a vase and are an amazing gift for any occasion. We will deliver your arrangements anywhere in Canada and the United States.

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Bees Knees Bouquet

The perfect way to remind the most special people in your life that they're the bee's knees! This bouquet is sweet as can be with a combination of yellow roses and white hydrangea blooms, set nicely in a metallic honeycomb vase. A clear vase will be used if our honeycomb is not available. Even better, this gorgeous pick comes right from a local florist!

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Ordering Flowers from Brant Florist

Brant Florist can send your gift/arrangement almost anywhere in the world through the FTD®, Teleflora® and Interflora® networks. Please note that product selections will vary by country; and not all selections are available in all countries.