Know About Golden Triangle and Golden Crescent

Know About Golden Triangle and Golden Crescent

Learn about the terms golden triangle and golden crescent. You get to know the origin and history of these words and their significance.

Golden triangle tour of India beckons you. But have you ever heard or pondered over how this word originated and what is the history behind. This is one of the most googled word in relation to India tourism. This word was already used before to devote the region of drug producing area but later on it came to be used with the touring of three most frequented places of North India Delhi Agra Jaipur.

The Golden crescent epithet is given to Asia’s main opium producing land and spreads in their countries – Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Golden crescent has a high yield and provides 65% more than the Golden Triangle market share.

The Golden crescent has a long history of opium production than that of South East Asia’s Golden Triangle, until Golden crescent is famed since 1950, the Golden Triangle came into the limelight since 1980. The Golden Triangle covers a large extent of 365000 square miles and is centered around the borders of Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. Since the beginning it is producing world’s largest opium, marijuana and heroin. It is located at the confluence of major rivers.

Origin of the word Golden Triangle

This is in the recent 3 decades back that the travel writers and operators started linking Delhi Agra Jaipur tour in India as the Golden Triangle of India. Long before it the central intelligence agencies coined this term for the world’s largest opium producing zone. This hilly terrain of Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand spreading up to Vietnam provided the major chunk of poppy. Four decades back Thailand was the big transit place for heroin, but not now on account of severe punishment.

Golden Crescent & Terrorism

The South Asian countries of Golden crescent – Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan produce major chunk of opium and thus on account of illicit trade and political insurability the menace of terrorism started. Money came from the drug trafficking. Narco terrorism is a great threat not only to this region but to the entire world. This term was given by the former president of Peru- Fernando Ferry. Narco terrorism is serious threat to India as well as these drugs are the major source of funding for cross border terrorism.

India is sandwiched between Golden triangle and golden crescent. It has resulted into the illegal trafficking of these drugs produced in these regions and the flow of chemical from India to process these drugs. Thus both ways illegal trafficking breaches the security of Indian border. The terrorist and the weapons can also be smuggled through these routes. Many terror groups are involved in drug trafficking.

Golden Triangle UPSC

On account of gravity of the topic, golden triangle is a special topic in UPSC Exam. It is included in the General studies III of the main exam, thus the candidates can learn about the golden triangle and golden crescent related subject matter.