Why Paper Food Packaging Is Better

Why Paper Food Packaging Is Better

By Rosen Packaging

Why Paper Food Packaging Is Better

Whether you're an avid consumer of food or just someone who loves to cook, it's likely that at some point in your life, you've picked up a can of beans or a box of pasta and wondered why these products are packaged in their more traditional form rather than the much lighter and environmentally-friendly paper packaging.

What is Paper Food Packaging?

Paper food packaging is a way of making food seem more appealing, fitting, and enjoyable by giving it a different package. It's also an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic packaging because it's biodegradable.

Food Safety

Paper, which can be bleached and sterilized, is a better option for packaging food than plastic because it does not require heating or freezing. This also means that processed foods are safe to consume each time and there is no need to worry about contamination.

Cost Effectiveness

Plastic food packaging can be very expensive to produce in comparison to paper. It's also harder to transport because it won't break down. Still, plastic packaging is much cheaper and easier than other types of packaging.

Environmental Impact

Paper food packaging is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and doesn't use much energy. It also has less of an impact on the environment than other types of packaging like plastic. Plastic can take decades to break down and eventually ends up in landfills where it affects soil quality and releases toxins into the water table.


One of the biggest concerns with plastic food packaging is that it doesn't decompose. If you're planning to buy food, skip the unnecessary plastics and opt for paper food packaging to recycle or reuse. Rosen Packaging focus on environment, if you need anything please contact us.