What are the major causes of roof water damage and how to fix them in West Holly

What are the major causes of roof water damage and how to fix them in West Holly

Know the possible reasons for roof water damage and fix it with the following tips

You should take care of your roof so that you can maintain its beauty and aesthetics for a long time. A roof needs timely inspection so that it remains functional and protects your house from extreme conditions. Water damage can be one of the most important reasons why your roof gets damaged. So, you should inspect your house regularly and check if there is any water damage on your roof so that you can fix it before it’s too late.

You can check out the roofing services in West Hollywood by Carmine Roofing if you want to install or replace your roof without damaging your property. Our skilled roofers will make you understand how to keep your roof clean and safe from extreme weather conditions. They will also provide you with amazing tips to protect your roof so that its beauty and functionality are maintained.

What are the causes of roof water damage?

Water damage can be caused due to different reasons, which you can prevent if you address this issue before it causes any damage to your roof. You can take the advice of our skilled roofers to take care of your roof with regular inspections. If you cannot inspect the roof by yourself then you can take the help of our roofers who will help you have a check on your roof to prevent any possible damage as soon as possible.

Let us know some possible reasons why you face the consequence of water damage on your roof.

  • Rainwater damage

Your roof can be damaged with frequent rainfall in your location. If you are staying in an area where you face heavy rainfall then it may cause consequences of rainwater runoff issues. You can hire our professionals to fix the problem of gutters. They will help you install and repair gutters to prevent possible water leakage in your roof.

  • Ice Dams

If you face heavy snowfall in your area then you need to take special care to prevent ice dams. When warm air creates meltwater on the roof it leads to ice dams thereby creating ice at the edge of the roof. If ice accumulates in multiple layers then it can create too much pressure on your roof resulting in water damage.

  • Pressure from inside the house

If there are pressure-related issues inside your home, then it might cause water damage to your roof. If there is a burst pipe, then your ceiling and walls might face water leakage issues; which may further cause seepage along the edges. This problem could be a result of misuse of appliances that put pressure on plumbing systems.

  • Poor Roof Installation

If you have taken a lot of steps to fix water leakage on your roof and failed to fix it, then there might be installation issues. Sometimes, we fall prey to inexperienced contractors who do not install the roof by using high-end equipment. As a result, it causes further issues like water leakage later.

So, you can fix this issue by contacting our roofing experts who will repair your roof with an assurance that it does not create the same issue further. This will also ensure that you do not spend too much on frequent roof repairing. You should check if there are poorly sealed seams or any gaps between sections so that you can fix this problem before it’s too late. Delay in addressing this issue can widen these gaps and create major issues to the interior of your house.

How to fix the water damage

You can go for some instant solutions that will help you prevent any water damage to your roof. Let us know in what ways you can save your roof from any water damage.

  • Roof Coatings can save your roof

You can use liquid rubber coating to protect the roof flashings so that it can prevent water leakage in these areas. Moreover, this will also protect them from harmful UV rays.

  • Choose Asphalt Shingles

You can think about adding asphalt shingles on your roof, which is an inexpensive way to repair or replace your roof. This is also the perfect choice for almost all house owners. However, it may lead to cracking issues f you are staying in a storm-prone area. If you notice any damage on your asphalt shingles then you can call our roofing professionals to get this issue fixed.

  • Wood Shingles can be the best option

Wooden shingles can make your roof look aesthetically pleasing. However, you can replace them after you notice any wind or ice damage on your roof. You should not replace the wood shingles by yourself as it needs a professional roofer to install wood shingles to prevent any possible water damage.

  • Think about installing a Tile roof

Tile roofs are durable, which can sustain harsh weather conditions. However, if your house is surrounded by trees then it may be damaged due to broken tree branches when they fall on the tiles. So, you need to inspect your tile roof after a wind storm.

  • Focus on Flashing

Flashing protects the areas that join different types of roofs together. So, you need to fix damaged flashing to ensure you do not face any water leakage on your roof.

If there have been heavy storms then you need to inspect if there is any damage along the lines where other materials come together on the exterior of your home. Our professional roofers can help repair the major cracks on your flashing.


You can fix the water damage by taking a close eye on your roof regularly. However, you can hire our professional roofers to get your roof inspected. Hiring a professional can help you detect the exact problem that is damaging your roof. You can also take the help of our roofing experts to fix the damage on your roof and protect it for a long time.