Right Time To Replace Your Car Battery

Right Time To Replace Your Car Battery

Car Battery plays an essential role in the efficient performance of your car. You can find your battery's performance and accordingly replace it when needed.

Not often do you see your car posing performance deficiency, but when you do, you tend to overlook the fact that its battery needs to be replaced. While the battery plays a crucial role in delivering efficient performance, it gets missed by many! Pampering your car doesn’t mean you get the engine oil changed regularly; you need to focus on other aspects as well. Do you want to enjoy the music on the go? Well, you cannot do that if your battery isn’t up to the mark. Getting your car battery replacement ensures a smooth and reliable performance throughout!

How do you find out your battery performance?

Every car service centre has a multi-meter or a battery tester which tests the level at which your battery is currently operating. Comparing this level with the one that was generated when the battery was new gives out a clear picture of your car battery status.

A reading less than 11 volts means you should say goodbye to your battery!

Signs which indicate your car battery needs to be replaced:

You notice delays in getting the engine started. It is because the battery isn’t able to produce ample power required by the engine. Just as you come across this on several occasions, its time you go for car battery replacement.

A slightly dimmer flashlight while turning the ignition. This is a standard indicator of fluctuations in battery power. Either it is due to degradation or a defect in wiring at the ends.

Your battery performance can be examined when you operate windows. A slower pace or a sudden disconnect in the engine’s power could be the indicator of replenished battery.

Have you ever experienced your lights getting brighter as soon as you turn on the engine? That happens because your battery isn’t able to extract its potential power charge. Coming across such events on several occasions is a reminder that you need to get it changed.

Corrosion around the battery terminals is a common sign of your battery degradation. These terminals work as a power supply to the entire vehicle. Corroded terminals mean your battery is at risk of getting replenished at any stage. Please get rid of it immediately!

The easiest way to find out is through a warning light which naturally comes up in new-gen batteries.

Such observations are a clear signal of that its time to get a new car battery installed. The question that arises is how frequently does your old battery needs to be switched with a new one.

When should you switch to a new car battery?

The average life of a car battery could stand between anywhere from four to five years. It depends on how you nourish your vehicle and its components. The news might fall a little hard on people living in colder regions as batteries have a shorter life span in cold climates. Generally, you start noticing the above signs after three years. Anything before that might yield you a warranty replacement. Conclusively, the perfect time to get your car battery replaced is before time!

The repercussions in case you don’t go for timely replacement:

If your fate lands anywhere near the edge, you might get stranded at a place where there is no help. You don’t want to be in that position, do you?

A depleted battery can cause damage to the electrical wiring.

The push start button is connected to the battery. No charge means you’ve to find other alternatives to get it started. You just got to hear the clicking sound that your key makes.

Without an optimal charge, you lose all your electrical privileges, including head and tail lights.

What to do?

Changing your driving and caring habits would initiate a change in your car battery span. Often people overlook the fact that a car shining from the front requires a precise foundation on the interior. Make sure you get in touch with your car service station timely. Also, do not make your car sit idle for long in the parking space. No running means no recharging.

Wrapping Up

All being said and learnt, one needs to keep in mind that his/her vehicle needs and the exact amount of care that you give to yourself. If any of the above things come up, you know which way to go!