What Are Energy Efficient Windows?

What Are Energy Efficient Windows?

When you think about energy efficient windows, you want windows that are going to be attractive but also stop cold or hot air and the glaring sun from coming...

Exactly what are energy efficient windows? What should you look for in an energy efficient window?

Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows or energy saving windows avert both cold or heated air from leaving your home. They contain enough insulation capability to reduce the usage of energy, which brings overall comfort to your home while lowering your utility bills.

Your Energy Savings

Energy saving windows are double paned and even tripled paned. Any aging single paned windows you may have won’t measure up in savings on your energy costs. With double-paned windows you should be able to save at least $100 to $400 plus a year by simply replacing your current windows with windows that are double paned and have an Energy Star rating. You should be able to save as much up to 12 percent annually. Depending on the location of the replacement windows and the climate in your area, you could save even more. Double-paned windows can generate savings of up to 20 to 30 percent with air conditioning and heating costs.

What Are Energy Efficient Windows?

Will Replacing Windows Save Costs

So, to save energy, are you going to replace all your windows to recoup the cost of the windows and also save on your energy bills? It depends on the windows you are replacing. With the replacement of older single pane windows, there will be a substantial difference in your heating and cooling bills.

In contrast, with a newer home, you won’t be dealing with total window replacement. Also, most newer homes already have double-paned windows and replacing them with Energy Star rated products provides for somewhat less in savings. Your initial investment in higher rated windows will take longer to yield a return even with lower utility bills.

Property Value Increase

One thing to remember is that new windows do increase the value of your property. If you do decide to go ahead with new window installation, you can add a considerable amount to any selling price of your home should you decide to sell.

Where Do I Find Energy Efficient Windows

For one thing, you can easily tell what kind of window you are getting by looking for the Energy Star logo on the window product you choose. Energy efficient windows have to meet a whole list of standards to earn the rating.

If you live in the north, you’ll want an Energy Star window that allows light in, that generates heat and traps that warmth in your home. You’ll find that when windows are double and even triple paned that their U-factor rating (measures heat transfer) helps to determine insulation effectiveness. For more southern environments, Energy Star windows are designed to lock out heat from a home. A low U-factor provides insulation and makes for a wise choice for southern and western climates.

What Are Energy Efficient Windows?

Whatever your home’s location and the climate of your region will help in determining the energy efficient and Energy Star rated windows you should choose. The glass option availability is another factor to consider.

Window Energy Efficiency

You want an energy efficient home and windows have a lot to do with that. A window becomes energy efficient when it contains more than one window pane thickness. It’s also energy efficient when you consider quality window frames, glass coatings, inner gas fillers and window pane spacers. These features add to the completion of a window choice that saves energy.

Double, Triple Window Glass Panes

You start with energy efficient window panes that are double and triple paned. The glass sheets are squeezed together with spacers. The composition of layers allows for air pockets to form in those layers. Sealed shut, the air can’t enter or escape.

Window Framing

Without an effective window frame, your double and triple paned windows won’t derive the full benefit of energy efficiency. If you’re using aluminum framing, you lose effectiveness because of aluminum’s limited ability to conduct heat. Pair your energy efficient windows with the right framing material. That would be wood, as it is low on the conductivity range. Clad-wood, vinyl or non-warp fiberglass are also efficient and low maintenance. High-quality frames will lessen heat transfer while insulating your windows and allowing for better heating and cooling of your home.

Glass Coatings

There are glass coatings in what we call low-emissivity or low-e coatings that are a good way to keep heat in your home in the winter or keep it out during the summer. They make the coatings to have control over the way the heat from the sun moves. Low-e coatings have a slight tint to them and can block sufficient amounts of light from your home. An outer low-e coating stops the UV or ultraviolet light and infrared light from entering your home while it allows sunlight to go through. If you’re in a northern climate where heat is necessary, the low-e coating is used in the opposite way. It gives the broad spectrum of light the pathway to come into a home, and it catches the heat created to remain indoors.

Gas Fills

Many energy-efficient windows will use gas fills that go between the window panes. They help with insulating new windows. The non-toxic, colorless and odorless gases fill the windows from the inside. Argon, krypton are a few of the gases utilized within windows.

Window Spacers

Window spacers improve your energy output. Both metal and nonmetal spacers are placed on the edges of window panes to lessen the transfer of heat while they allow for energy efficiency.

Perks of Energy Efficient Windows

High-quality windows that are energy efficient and carry the Energy Star rating can help with savings on utility bills. Your expenses are lowered while lessening the energy output of your home. The value of your home will increase and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ll receive years of service from energy-efficient windows.

If you still have further questions concerning energy-efficient windows, just complete the online contact form and a representative will get back to you with the answers you need. Now just might be the best time to start on the pathway to energy savings.