Marvin vs. Pella Windows: Which Brand Is Better?

Marvin vs. Pella Windows: Which Brand Is Better?

When it comes to replacing windows in your home, there is no shortage of brands and styles to choose from.

Some manufacturers are better known than others, and none are more renowned than Marvin and Pella. Whether you have just started your research on different windows or have been considering between Marvin and Pella for weeks, we have information that will help you decide which to pick.

Both are highly prominent in the marketplace, and there are plenty of similarities between them. But which one is better: Pella or Marvin? Let’s find out.

About Marvin Windows

Marvin is a company founded in 1912. Originally a lumber company, the brand quickly evolved while looking for ways to make life better. Marvin prides itself in innovation, energy-efficient designs.

The company offers three main window collections: Signature, Elevate, and Essential. Signature is further divided into Modern and Ultimate. Each line has a range of products that vary in design and price, though Essential is considered the most affordable line.

About Pella Windows

In 1925, Pella was founded by Pete Kuyper. The headquarters is located in Iowa, though there are 17 manufacturing locations throughout the country and more than 200 showrooms. To this day, Pella is owned by the Kuyper family. The company holds an impressive 150 product and design patents.

Pella has five product lines of windows: Lifestyle, Impervia, Encompass, 250 Series, and 350 Series. The 250 Series is full of budget-friendly options, while the Impervia and Lifestyle series are more premium.

Marvin vs. Pella Windows: Which Brand Is Better?

Marvin vs. Pella: Materials Comparison

On the surface, you might think that windows are just windows, that there is little variation between brands. You would be mistaken, though. Consider the differences between extruded aluminum, which Marvin uses, and Pella’s favorited roll-form aluminum.

Extruded aluminum is one of the reasons why many people looking for durability go with Marvin windows. Even the standard windows use extruded aluminum. But what is it? The name of the metal refers to how it is shaped. First, blocks of aluminum are heated until malleable. Then, they are pressed hydraulically into a die that gives them their shape.

Pella, on the other hand, uses roll-form aluminum. The process is simple: aluminum sheets are rolled into a specific shape. The main difference between roll form and extruded aluminum is the thickness. Because roll form aluminum is thinner (so the machines can function), it is also less durable.

Roll form aluminum is also vulnerable to damages during installation and can become misshapen in extreme weather or temperatures.

Fiberglass Comparison

Marvin has Ultrex fiberglass, and Pella uses Duracast fiberglass. Side by side, Ultrex is the better choice. The fiberglass is smoother than Pella’s Duracast, regarding the grainy feeling. That said, the differences in quality are only truly noticeable up close.

Marvin vs. Pella Windows: Which Brand Is Better?

Pella vs. Marvin: Standard Packages

Both Pella and Marvin offer standard windows. Yet, Marvin outdoes Pella with what comes included with those windows. One example is how Marvin Signature series windows automatically meet AAMA 2605 specifications, whereas you need to purchase an upgrade to get that from Pella.

Marvin offers 6 options for wood. Pella only offers 3, and that comes with the upgrade package. Aside from wood, other standard options include Argon Gas and Low-E windows. Both Pella and Marvin do a great job on these types.

Marvin vs. Pella: Premium Windows

So, although we have already mentioned fiberglass, it is worth coming back to, because Marvin does not offer any vinyl windows like Pella does. That means we have to compare them on something both provide. Marvin has long been a pioneer of fiberglass, and their two types of fiberglass—All Ultrex and Wood Ultrex—perform well. Ultrex is available with Marvin’s Elevate and Essential product lines.

The only line that uses Pella’s Duracast is Impervia. Though Duracast is made with five layers of fiberglass and has a selection of 5 exterior and indoor colors, it has one flaw—that texture mentioned earlier.

Another consideration between the brands’ fiberglass windows is this: Elevate by Marvin offers Low-E with Argon as a standard. Impervia offers Low-E only as an upgrade. Additionally, Impervia windows have a limited lifetime warranty that is partially transferable. Marvin Elevate windows have a 10-year warranty on components, 20 years on glass, and are fully transferable.

Pella or Marvin—Which is The Better Choice?

Pella trumps Marvin with the following:

  • Choices. Pella has plenty of options for vinyl, wood, and fiberglass windows for you to choose from, all in a range of prices for every budget.
  • Vinyl. Hands down, Pella is one of the best manufacturers for vinyl windows. The quality of their vinyl windows blows competitors out of the water.
  • Warranties. Yes, Marvin does offer warranties on their products, but Pella has slightly more comprehensive warranties. The main difference is with the labor warranty, where Pella guarantees to pay for labor to repair any defective merchandise for up to 2 years. Marvin does not provide the same guarantee.

Marvin surmounts Pella in these areas:

  • Premium windows. Marvin’s Ultimate windows are of the highest quality but cheaper than Pella’s premium line. You also get a wide selection of exterior colors, finishes, and woods that exceed what Pella provides.
  • Durable construction. Marvin uses extruded aluminum cladding for stronger construction and coats their products with high-quality paint. Pella has started doing similar, but some product lines still fall behind.

Final Thoughts

When deciding between two brands, you have to look at the quality of the products, warranties, durability, customer service, and affordability. Marvin and Pella’s windows are some of the best in the industry, meaning that whichever you choose, the windows are not going to disappoint. Consider both manufacturers and decide based on your budget and the style of windows you want.

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