How to Stay on Schedule with a Roofing Project

How to Stay on Schedule with a Roofing Project

How to stay on schedule with a roofing project is our topic for today. Schedules are important and help the business world go around. Without schedules, things

would never be convenient and there would be nothing but delays and setbacks and frustration. You obviously don’t want to experience this when trying to begin and finish a roofing project. Unfortunately, reality is not seamless, and you must account for something that would set you back.

While managing every unpredictable variable is impossible, you can account for some common issues in time management to help you stick to the roofing timeline. If you ever wondered how to stay on schedule with a roofing project, here are some tips for you:

Have a Plan—and Stick to it

If you want to keep your roofing project moving along smoothly, then you need a schedule. After all, you can’t plan accordingly without knowing when something should be done or when certain materials and tools are necessary. Be sure to set up a timeline with all the other team members.

The roofer should be able to give you hints to how the project will pan out and how long it will take. Ask them about challenges they may foresee or if there are smaller steps to completing one section of the project that may affect the timeline. From there, you can draft up a flexible schedule that will outline the whole project. You can also enforce an agreed upon schedule more easily than just saying something has to be done.

Designate a Foreman

All teams need a leader. That is why you need to appoint someone who will enforce the timeline and be your eyes and ears for when you are not present. In the world of construction, this supervisor is known as a foreman. The foreman’s main role is to make sure there is enough manpower and materials to go around.

Either you or the roofing company can appoint someone to this role. If the contracting company has a foreman for your roofing project, get to know them. Ask them their name and discuss how they plan to go about directing the project. Some roofing companies may not allow for such conversations among the crew members, though. In that event, contact the roofer’s company representative instead.

Clean Up Beforehand

Before the main event, safety is the priority. The roofing company usually sends someone to your property to do an inspection. This will uncover any additional work that needs to be accomplished. Make this job a little easier for them by hosing off the roof and clearing out debris from gutters and the roof. This saves time and helps the inspector uncover problems more easily.

Order all materials in advance and keep these things organized. Again, knowing where things are and sweeping away obstacles can accelerate the project’s completion.

Watch The Weather

The weather is a roof’s nemesis—and a roofers’. Why? Think of this way: You don’t want to be responsible for the contractor having to deal with slick and icy conditions, especially when ladders and scaffolding may need to be employed. Cold and damp weather may also affect how certain roofing materials set up. Also, it will make the job move more slowly overall. The workers will need to wear more protective clothing, limiting their movements.

Although you cannot plan for the weather perfectly, you should choose a time of the year that ensures better weather—not too hot, not too cold. Monitor the weather forecasts for upcoming storms and avoid any inclement weather. Keep in mind that most weather forecasters have an accuracy of around 84 percent, so it won’t always be correct!

Have a Dedicated Vehicle for Deliveries

Do you have contingency plans for when you run out of materials or need a purchase something new? In order to prevent disaster and delays, you should have a designated truck or other delivery vehicle that can go out and pick up materials and other goods. That way, you never have to worry about sacrificing time and effort to try and do it all yourself.

Track Progress With Technology

There are all kinds of ways technology can help you keep tabs on the progress of your roofing project. For example, you could have the foreman snap photographs with their phone, thereby documenting progress just in case anything problematic arises. Even if you don’t need the pics for evidence, you can at least be assured that things are starting to take shape.

You may also want to employ decent project management software to communicate with the contractor and the foreman. This will allow you to see a visual representation of the timeline, receive updates, and much more.

Choose The Right Contractor

One of the most important steps to keeping your roofing project on schedule is to have professional help. Make sure you are hiring someone who is experienced and qualified to work with the materials and do the job correctly. Contractors should be punctual and knowledgeable and never leave you guessing when the project is going to be completed. Plus, with all that experience, you know they are going to do everything properly and guarantee their work afterwards.

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