How Long Does a Home Remodel Take?

How Long Does a Home Remodel Take?

When you are ready to tackle those home renovation projects, there are plenty of things to consider, especially the renovation times...

Renovations can last for several weeks or months. You will have to deal with contractors in your home, the sound of tools, and plenty of debris and dust. Those small projects can even disrupt your daily routine. Before you start a home remodel project, here is what you can expect.

How Long Does It Take To Renovate a House?

It can be challenging to estimate the length of your specific project. You will want to speak to a contractor for a whole home remodel. It is crucial to find someone who has the experience to handle your project. When you find a trusted contracting company, they will be able to provide you with a more specific timeline for your home renovation.

Here are some of the most common renovations and the expected completion time for these projects.

Additions and Remodels

In terms of time and cost, a remodel is a massive undertaking for a homeowner. With these projects, it is more than a simple facelift. The plumbing, framing, and electrical wires are often exposed during this process. From there, the contractor will start to rebuild your home. You should always plan to set aside an additional 20 percent in your budget for any unexpected problems that may come up during the process.

With a home addition, this project can take anywhere from three to four months. However, the planning and designing stages can take significantly longer. Once this renovation is completed, you can sit back and enjoy this new space for many years to come. Along with that, a new addition doesn’t mean you have to find another place to live. You can stay in your home as the contractors work on the addition.

Kitchen remodels are a typical project for many homeowners. For the most part, these renovations take about four to six weeks to complete. If there are any problems discovered in the demolition phase, that can add to your project’s timeline. Some kitchen redos can be short. When replacing cabinets, appliances, and countertops, that project could take just a couple of weeks.

Bathroom remodels usually take about a month to complete. In some cases, when a pipe or wall needs to be moved, make sure to add a few weeks to the project. For those simple projects, like fresh paint and new tiles, you can complete them in as little as two weeks.

One of the longest home remodeling projects involves the basement. On average, it takes about seven weeks to finish this project. Since many people renovate the basement to add a work area, theater, or gym, these are some of the longest remodels for your home.

Outdoor Home Remodels

These types of renovations are a little more involved than home additions and interior remodels. When planning for this project, you want to have a dedicated space on your property for the contractors’ supplies and a dumpster. Along with that, you might want to leave some room as a staging space for them. This small step will go a long way to get your project completed on time.

If you have hired a home roofing company, you will want to know how long it will take for the renovation. In most cases, it will take about a week or two to have a new asphalt roof installed on your home. However, if you have any signs of damage or you have selected intricate materials, you can expect that project time to be pushed out.

With new siding, you can really boost the appearance of your home. You can choose to add metal, wood, or stucco to your house. In most cases, you can expect this project to be completed in two weeks.

In those warm climates, a new pool is a great way to beat the heat. A contractor can install those fiberglass pools in a month. A concrete pool could take up to three months to allow it to cure. If you want this project completed for your home, it is best to plan months ahead.

Home Improvements

Those home improvements are the most manageable renovation projects. However, the costs and schedule will vary depending on the specific project. For example, new windows can take about three weeks to retrofit your entire home. The majority of that time is used to measure and cut for a seamless final project.

For many homeowners, a wood floor replacement can take about a week to finish. However, some factors can add to the time frame, and it might be another week before you can walk on the newly installed floor.

New fencing usually takes about a couple of days to install. All you have to do is set the posts, install them, seal the wood, and attach a gate. Finally, house painting is simple, and you can expect the project to last for a week. A multi-storied home could need additional time for completion.

When it is time to renovate your home, you need a plan. With that, you can figure out your budget, time frame, and scope of work. It is important to understand the timeline for any home renovation project. In some cases, you could go on with your regular schedule, while some will require a huge disruption in your life. Take all these into consideration before you start your next home remodel.

RGB Construction Can Help With These Projects

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How Long Does a Home Remodel Take?