Do Andersen Windows Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Do Andersen Windows Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Lifetime warranties are something that you really can’t define legally. There’s no state of federal law that governs warranties and addresses...

the real meaning of the term. Most lifetime warranties cover a lot less time than a person would think. A lifetime to most people means over the course of their entire life. With any lifetime warranty, people feel whatever product you’re talking about has coverage for a lifetime. That includes lifetime warranties with many window companies.

Naming their Own Time Limits

Any producer or manufacturer of a product can curtail what they deem to be a guarantee or lifetime warranty. For them, a lifetime can mean any period they choose. With Andersen Windows, you have more of a lifetime warranty than with any other company. What does that warranty cover and for how long and what does it entail?

Andersen Windows Warranty

Andersen Windows offers a different warranty, one that is easy to understand. The conditions of the warranty are divided into parts. You receive a 20-2-10 year limited warranty. The 20-year coverage includes the glass and the patented Fibrex material that surrounds the glass. Fibrex functions well when it’s open to temperature extremes and the exteriors won’t chip, peel, blister, or fade. It’s actually made of recycled wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer that are bonded together.

Warranty Particulars

1. 20 years for glass and the seal that holds the glass

Any replacement windows or doors carry a limited warranty that is exchangeable and transferrable under the limited warranty. Coverage includes:

  • Parts
  • Labor
  • Initial installation (by the authorized installer)

2. Two-year limited warranty for improper installation

3. Ten-year limited warranty for anything not made of glass that includes:

  • Hardware
  • Hinges
  • Handles
  • Anything else
  • Andersen Storm Doors

With Andersen storm doors, the lifetime limited warranty will cover whether paint is adhering all around as well as to the hinges and the frame. There is a 5-year limited warranty on other door parts.

Andersen Warranty

Andersen Window’s warranty is one that covers all the bases and is supported by thorough testing. Performance testing in Minnesota shows that exposure to extreme weather conditions from frigid cold to muggy late spring and summer weather proves that the windows still operate as easily as the day they were installed some 20 years ago, plus they looked just as new as the day they were put in place.

Customers get a top-notch product along with quality service. They’re also getting the best in warranty protection that can’t be touched by any other company. A warranty to Andersen Windows is one that is more than adequate and includes coverage of all of their products. In comparison to Andersen’s fellow contenders, there is simply no comparison with the fact that the warranty is transferable owner to owner. Andersen Windows is a leader in the industry in all aspects of their warranty. With over a hundred years in business, they are the most trusted and approved by a loyal following of customers.

Warranty Registration

Registration is easy. You need to know the type of product, the amount purchased and the date of installation. You can register windows, doors or storm doors through their simple registration process on the Anderson Windows warranty registration page. Register your windows, patio door or EMCO storm doors. Just go to the Andersen page to submit your warranty.

Important Aspects of the Limited Lifetime Warranty

With normal use and service, windows and doors that include any operating parts and the glass itself must not contain flaws for the lifetime of the product. Those items include vinyl products that should not contain:

  • blistering
  • flaking
  • rotting
  • corrosion

The window glass shall not contain visual discrepancies or visual obstruction

due to:

  • Failure of the sealant
  • All parts that make up the unit will be devoid of any defects due to the manufacturing process.
  • If the original purchaser experiences problems with any of the defects mentioned, new replacement parts will be supplied after the return of the original part or proof of the complaint.
  • Andersen Windows retains the right to ask for the return of any defective part or parts.

Making a Warranty Claim

If you need to make a warranty claim, you can contact the retailer or dealer where you purchased the windows or doors. You can also contact their offices or go to the Parts and Service section of their website. You’ll need a description of what you purchased along with the glass measurements, the product’s identification number, the glass logo information, your date of purchase along with your name, address and phone number and the location where the windows or doors were originally installed. You also must describe the problem you are experiencing concerning the product or products.

Lifetime warranties and the years of coverage are hard things to pinpoint with a window manufacturer, but with Andersen Windows you get a clear idea of what is and isn’t covered. Should you have further questions concerning Andersen Window’s limited lifetime warranty, complete the online contact form and a representative will get back to you with the information you need.