Create the Home you’ve Always Wanted with James Hardie Products

Create the Home you’ve Always Wanted with James Hardie Products

You can create the home you’ve always wanted with James Hardie Products as the materials...

come in every design possibility that includes not only colors, textures, and patterns but styles to meet your exact design tastes.

James Hardie Siding Product

James Hardie’s siding is different from vinyl and wood siding. In fact, it’s fashioned from fiber cement that contains water, cement, sand, and fibers from cellulose. It can easily be used in home or commercial structures as it’s a lasting and durable product and is also made from materials that present wood-like features but require limited care.

The material lasts for years and withstands the harshest weather, including hail and the winds from natural disasters, plus warping because moisture intake is next to nothing. It’s also fire-resistant because of its non-combustible content.

All James Hardie siding products are well made, environmentally friendly, long-lasting, strong, and pleasing in appearance, and they are a company that is at the top for fiber cement siding in America.

Create the Home you’ve Always Wanted with James Hardie Products

Different Brand Names

James Hardie siding is available in various shapes and styles that have different names attached to the brand that encompasses HardiePlank Lap siding, Hardin board siding, Hardieshigle siding, and Batten and board siding.

James Hardie Styles

If you want to achieve a particular design in your home, James Hardie has the products to match your style. Whether you have a craftsman home, a beach house, a Cape Cod, a rambling ranch, or a cottage bungalow, there is something to meet your tastes through James Hardie. To get the look you want, James Hardie has options for every imaginable look that include actual siding and trim and accessories to match.

HardieShingle – Even if your home is rustic in appeal, HardieShingle siding covers that design with a combination of both the look and feel of actual cedar shingles. The shingles are attractive, plus they are resistant to damage from warping and rotting, and splitting. Shingle or shake siding brings character to almost any style of home. Hardie shingle siding is distinct because it appears to be a cedar shake, yet is considerably less time-consuming to maintain as genuine wood would be. There are selections with this siding in the Statement and Dream Collection products.

HardiePlank – If you’re looking for siding to create a different and unique look to your home, the HardiePlank lap siding is one of the more popular choices in the line. You’ll not only get energy-saving siding but siding with an appealing appearance that coordinates with almost any structural design. It’s also available in an array of colors and textures that will give your home an individual look.

HardiePanel – This material is a vertical siding made of fiber cement that is textured to mimic the look of actual wood. The panels are an excellent choice for homes and businesses, which makes them literally maintenance-free as opposed to using real wood siding. You can finish siding panels in stains that are available in an array of colors that will complement any decor. Your maintenance is limited because of the fiber content, but you still get the look and texture of genuine wood. You can even custom blend the color or colors of your choice that fit in with what you want for your home.

HardieTrim – Trim is an important part of completing the look with your home design. Whether you’re dealing with corners, doors, windows, or anything else that requires a finished look, HardieTrim has both rustic and smooth trim looks in various sizes and colors. They already primed many of their trim boards for painting, which makes finish work easier.

HardieWrap – With energy saving in mind, the company fashions exterior wrap products to deal with climate differences in your area. It’s a product that adds to the structural integrity of your home and helps your home endure the elements. There are different versions of wrap that keep your walls dry, stop mold and mildew, resist moisture buildup and allow breathability. Most importantly, HardieWrap helps you to decrease the high cost of energy.

HardieBacker – Cement backer board by James Hardie is the preference of both people who install tiles and contractors. They like how simple the product is to install and the smooth way it performs. Compared to other backer boards, it has extreme compressive strength, plus it can be cut and scored in a snap. Newer versions of this backer board contain a hydro defense technology that brings waterproofing up through the entire board.

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Color Technology

When you’re creating the home you’ve always wanted, you’re looking for the perfect look in color. With the color offerings through ColorPlus, you can either choose primed siding that you can paint in your choice of color or you can select pre-painted siding.

You can go with choosing James Hardie siding in many color offerings. Their paint technology with siding has allowed for advances in the adhesion of the final finish. The ColorPlus system makes provision for the paint to be applied in a contained plant setting, which helps to remove any fragments from debris, plus the process serves to enhance bonding of the finish. The outcome is a long-lasting finish that guards against fading and chipping for several years with decreased maintenance on your part. A guarantee of protection against the ultraviolet rays of the sun goes with your color choice, as they warrant the paint finish for 15 years.

Create the Home you’ve Always Wanted with James Hardie Products

Considering It All

Considering everything, James Hardie products really can help you create the home you’ve always wanted. You receive durability, lasting value, and sensational style through their products and can approach almost any home-related task with confidence.

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