Are Renewable By Andersen Windows Worth The Money?

Are Renewable By Andersen Windows Worth The Money?

Renewal by Andersen is a popular window choice. You might be curious about the difference between this product line and other Andersen windows...

While Andersen manufactures a wide range of products, there are a few variations between these windows. If you are looking for an excellent product for your home, these windows are ideal for you. For those who want to know whether Renewal by Andersen is worth the extra cost for their homes, here are a few things you should know about these window products.

Andersen Offers a Large Range of Products

All Andersen windows are made in the United States. Most of the manufacturing takes place in Minnesota. The corporate and subsidiary lines are created and manufactured at this location. There are several types of Andersen windows. Renewal by Andersen windows are the top sellers for the brand. They are made of Fibrex composite materials. Fibrex is Andersen’s proprietary blend of reclaimed wood and PVC. Since Renewal windows are made with 40 percent wood, they are stronger than those containing only vinyl materials.

In addition to the Renewal line, Andersen also offers another Fibrex window product known as the 100 Series. These composite windows can hold up to extreme weather like the Renewal line. However, these windows are not as durable as Renewal by Andersen. Besides the Renewal line of windows, Andersen is known for its new construction and replacement products.

Are Renewable By Andersen Windows Worth The Money?

Installation of Renewal Windows

When planning a window replacement, install cost is a significant factor. You need to consider which type of installation you want for your home. Renewal by Andersen is designated to be installed over an existing window frame. For those homes with older structures, you may have to replace the entire window and frame. In most installations, the installer will remove the window stops, sashes, and glass inserts. The Renewal replacement window slides over the existing frame of your window opening. Homeowners who want an easier installation might find these window replacements to be worth the extra cost.

Renewal by Andersen features fins on the existing overhang that are designed to avoid the need to add paint to your exterior. These windows use less glass and provide a wider frame than traditional windows. With these features, it can reduce a few inches of visibility around your frames.

These Renewal by Andersen windows differ from other products. Before the new installation can take place, most Andersen windows must have the entire frame removed. While this provides a cleaner and thinner appearance for your home, your window installer will need to perform some touchup work. With Renewal by Andersen, you do not need to worry about these extra steps.

Different Warranty on Andersen Products

Andersen produces Renewal by Andersen and other windows, but its products do not carry the same warranties. The Renewal line provides a 20-year warranty on the glass and Fibrex materials. There is a warranty on the hardware and installation. However, this warranty is not as extensive as the coverage of the glass and Fibrex. Other Andersen windows offer a similar type of warranty, but they will not cover any labor.

Are Renewable By Andersen Windows Worth The Money?

If the home is sold, these warranties are fully transferable to the next homeowner. Like most warranties, there are a few exceptions. Normal wear and tear, painting, color fading due to weather, the use of harsh cleaners, structural settling, and improper washing can all cause your warranty to be voided by Andersen.

Energy Efficiency of Renewal Windows

If you are concerned about your home’s energy efficiency, consider buying a Renewal by Andersen window. Poor performing windows can drain energy from your home. Under these conditions, you could experience a significant heat loss in the winter or heat gain in the summer. Renewal by Andersen provides better insulation and helps you save money on your energy bills.

Are Renewable By Andersen Windows Worth The Money?

Today, there is a new glass option for these windows. The SmartSun glass is Andersen’s most efficient glass option. SmartSun glass has been tested to be 47 percent more energy efficient in the winter. In the summer, the efficiency rating rises to 70 percent. With this product line, these windows also have exceptional NFRC ratings. Many of the glass options have obtained Energy Star certification.

The Andersen company is known for its environmental stewardship and efficient products. Renewal by Andersen has won the 2019 Energy Star Partner of the Year award for sustained excellence. These products make a minimal environmental impact and reduce energy consumption. As a result of that, Andersen Windows are designed to be long-lasting products for your home. These windows have been recognized as the Most Efficient of Energy Star Product in 2020. If you are looking for an eco-friendly window for your home, you might want to consider Renewal by Andersen windows.

Choose the Right Replacement Window for Your Project

For those who want a great quality vinyl window for their homes, you should choose the Renewal by Andersen windows. These windows are a composite of PVC and wood products in an exclusive material known as Fibrex. Along with the composite materials, Renewal by Andersen also has a better warranty that includes the installation of the product. While cost is always a concern for many homeowners, you need to weigh the product’s pros and cons for your project. If you are looking for a higher-end product that will last for a few decades, then you might want to select a Renewal by Andersen window for your home.

Trust Your Windows With RGB Construction

Those who still have a few questions about these windows should contact a professional installation team that has product experience with Andersen. At RGB Construction, we will find the right replacement window for your home. We can help you figure out if these windows are worth the higher cost. Once you have selected the best product for your home, our team will professionally install it for you. You can sit back as we handle all the hard work. If you would like to learn more about Renewal by Andersen windows, please fill out the contact form.