Roofers Near Me: The Best Roofing Contractors In Cherry Hill, NJ

Roofers Near Me: The Best Roofing Contractors In Cherry Hill, NJ

Roofers Near Me: The Best Roofing Contractors In Cherry Hill, NJ

At RGB Construction, we take pride in offering the finest services that can be found in Cherry Hill, NJ. Over the course of the last decade, we have taken the top spot in this area, and it isn’t hard to see why. With an unbeatable combination of fine service, top-tier results, and prompt efficiency, we are the best roofing contractors Cherry Hill NJ has to offer. Here is just a quick overview of the services that we can provide.

Residential Roofing Services

A leak in your home’s roof can be a dire emergency, so don’t hesitate to call us as soon as you spot such a leak. If you just let it go, it will only get worse. Don’t wait until your whole roof caves in, possibly causing injury or destruction at the same time. The effects of the elements can be extremely destructive, so don’t overestimate the time you have….in all honesty, you probably don’t have much!

Thankfully, we are able to fix any roofing job, no matter how bad it may be. Even if you have made the mistake of waiting too long, we can still help. As Master-level GAF-certified contractors, we are in the top 2% of all roofing contractors in the country. We say this because very few roofing contractors ever attain this level of certification, and it matters because GAF is the nation’s biggest supplier of roofing materials.

Commercial Roofing Services

If you own a business, then you surely know that commercial roofing is a different kind of job altogether. Flat roofing is often more convenient for businesses, as it allows for better roof access and creates extra space. Not only that, but it allows for the use of special ventilation measures that wouldn’t be necessary for a normal home.

When you choose RGB for your next business project, we always guarantee that you will receive the same excellence that all of our other customers have seen. As professionals, we understand that you stand to lose a lot of money if your business has to stay closed down for long-term repairs. Thus, we put a heavy emphasis on speed and efficiency so that you can get back to doing whatever you do best.

Veteran Owned And Operated

Some people wonder how it is that our company has been able to grow so much in a relatively short time. There are some companies that have been around twice as long as we have, and who have failed to grow at all. We believe that a large part of our success has to do with the fact that we are a company owned and operated by military veterans. If you are a patriotic sort of person, this probably appeals to you, but there are also practical reasons to choose a veteran-owned company like ours.

The world of the military is one that requires a higher level of discipline, and this discipline is generally enforced without any sort of preferential treatment. Thus, the only thing that gets respect is good results, period. That kind of discipline just isn’t found anywhere else. When you take that personal commitment to excellence and combine it with the skills of an expert roofer, the results are very good indeed. This is just one more thing that makes us the best roofing contractors South Jersey has to offer.

Other Services

Although we specialize in roof repair and replacement, those are not the only services that we can offer. In fact, we can repair just about anything in your home, so don’t hesitate to ask about other services besides Cherry Hill roofing. For one thing, we do great siding work, which can do a lot to complement a nice roofing job.

If you need windows replaced, we can also do that. We can also work on gutters if that is all you happen to need. No matter what kind of exterior home repair you would like, RGB should be your first call. Even if you have a job that we cannot do, we can probably direct you towards someone competent who is up to the task.

Why You Want To Employ A GAF Master Elite Contractor

As you already know, GAF is the largest manufacturer of shingles and other roofing materials. As such, they offer the best selection and the highest-quality options. However, their top-tier products can only be sold and installed by top-ranked contractors like ourselves.

To put it simply, RGB is like a general in terms of rank, while most other companies can’t even be classified as officers! If certain GAF products are installed by lesser contractors, the result can be a void warranty and that is never good. This is why you always ask to see proof of certifications! Those who ask will always receive a quick answer from RGB, and that’s exactly how things ought to be done.

Areas We Serve

Apart from Cherry Hill, we serve a large area of Southern New Jersey which includes:

Although we could certainly branch out and serve a larger area, we like to keep things local because that is what will ensure the best service for our customers. There are many good reasons to go with local contractors and we don’t want to lose those positive aspects that so many of our customers like.


When it comes to roofing Cherry Hill NJ has plenty of options, but none of them can match our quality and our commitment to excellence. If you would like to employ our services or just ask a few questions, feel free to call us at 856-264-9093. As you will see, we aren’t hard to find and we are always willing to take your questions. When you employ our services, you will immediately see why our company has risen so quickly to become the number one roofing company in South Jersey.