What Are The Dangers of an Old Roof?

What Are The Dangers of an Old Roof?

Outdated roofing is more than unappealing; it is dangerous. The longer those dangers go unaddressed, the worse the outcome could be for your home and family.

What Are The Dangers of an Old Roof?

With the average lifespan of a roof being between 15-30 years, you may find yourself dealing with certain roof issues sooner than anticipated. Outdated roofing is more than unappealing; it can be dangerous. The longer those dangers go unaddressed, the worse the outcome could be for your home and family. What are the dangers of an old roof? You are about to find out.

5 Dangers of an Old Roof

Although there are many dangers to letting your roof fall into a state of disrepair, there are five surefire issues that also mean it is time for a roof replacement. These are the dangers to keep in mind:

1. Major Roof Leaks

One of the more obvious risks of keeping a dilapidated roof around for longer than necessary is the threat of extensive leaks. When shingles and other roofing materials start to deteriorate, the chance of water seeping through to the underlayment and beyond increases. You may end up waking up after a storm and finding your attic’s insulation soaked through, as well as your floors and walls stained and warped beyond repair.

2. Reduced Protection from Weather

Aside from leaks, old roofs expose your home to inclement weather conditions. Since the shingles are weaker and thinner, they are more susceptible to tearing off in the wind. Fewer granules deflect less heat. Missing screws from the shingles mean places for water to seep in and produce roof deck rot. You may also notice that the temperature in your house fluctuates more because your roof can no longer insulate the interior properly.

3. Increased Risk of Fire

When your roof is in need of TLC, it becomes a fire hazard. Part of the reason is the greater chance of a leak. A lot of electrical wires run the length of the ceiling or reside in the walls. Cables and other wires could come into contact with the water. Wires that short out may damage appliances and breakers, possibly causing a fire.

4. Increased Chance of Pests

Brittle or blown-off shingles means a dozen doors for opportunistic creatures open up. Cockroaches and rodents can easily infiltrate your home and make a home for themselves in the attic or internal structure. Once animals begin thinking of the roof as their home, it is very hard to get them to relocate willingly. Their droppings can cause issues with the air quality of your home. In fact, there are many pests whose droppings cause health conditions like cholera, leptospirosis, and typhoid fever.

5. Impacted Energy Efficiency

As mentioned earlier, an old roof assists with insulating your home. The roof will lose heat in the winter and soak it up in the summer. Thus, your energy bill starts to creep a little higher each month. However, it is not just the shingles that impact energy efficiency. When the roof deck is damaged because of an old roof, it will be harder to maintain the temperature in your home. Plus, your HVAC system needs to work harder to keep the temperature from rising or falling dramatically.

Furthermore, leaks cause the insulation in your attic space to clump up. The insulation begins to lose R-value when this happens and is no longer effective.

What to Do About an Old Roof

Obviously, you do not want to neglect your roof and introduce the above-mentioned dangers. Sometimes, though, you purchase a house with a failing roof or end up with issues that can no longer be ignored. When it comes to returning an old roof to working condition, there are only a couple of options to choose from:

Schedule Repairs and Maintenance

Sometimes your old roof just needs a bit of elbow grease to be made good again. Scheduling preventive maintenance and repairs with a local roofing company like RGB Construction can prevent many of the dangers from becoming expensive problems. Make sure you are examining the flashings and shingles throughout the year, cleaning out the gutters, and looking for signs of water damage. The sooner you address these dangers, the faster you can get the roof repaired.

Opt for a Roof Replacement

A total roof replacement could solve many dangers of an old roof, but it does not come without a significant financial investment. Luckily, there are financing options available through your trusted South Jersey roofing company—RGB Construction included.

Call in the Roof Replacement Professionals

Old roofs with failing materials can be a tremendous burden, especially when the dangers become actual problems. The best way to take care of those dangers is preventative maintenance and, when necessary, repairs done by a professional. To solve those dangers quickly, call in the professionals. RGB Construction is a veteran-owned business with years of experience and highly trained roofers. Give us a call today at 856-264-9093 to learn more about our roofing services.