Signs It’s Time For Residential Roof Repair

Signs It’s Time For Residential Roof Repair

There are signs you may need a new roof. Before you break out the buckets to collect water, there will be signs that it is time for a residential roof repair.

Signs It’s Time For Residential Roof Repair

Many homeowners do not think about their roofs until something goes wrong. When a leak springs, then they scramble to find a reputable roofer. In many cases, there are signs you may need a new roof. Before you break out the buckets to collect water, there will be a few signs that it is time for a residential roof repair.

Look Inside Your Home

Often, roof problems can start to show up within your home. If you are experiencing any issues or have a hunch that something might be wrong, check out the exterior of your home, especially the attic. Take a flashlight and climb up under your home’s eaves. You will want to look for beams of light coming through the ceiling. Also, go around your home to see if you spot any streaks or stains, which could signify a leaky roof. You should have a basic inspection done once a year. You could save thousands of dollars in damage by scheduling a professional to check out your home.

Natural Time for a Replacement

You might want to look at the repair or replacement documentation if you have doubts about your current roof. With that, you can see when the roof was replaced or reshingled. That information can provide insight into how much life is in the structure. An average asphalt shingle roof can usually last between 20 to 25 years. Sometimes, the roof may be covered by the warranty. Whenever you have any work done on your roof, you want to keep those records in an accessible spot.

Keep an Eye on the Shingles

The shingles will be the first components that will show signs of stress. After a heavy storm, look at the roof and shingles. All shingles should lie flat on the roof. If there are cracked, buckled, or damaged shingles, you will need to call a professional roofer to check out the structure. Always look at your shingles throughout the year. If something doesn’t look right, call out your roofing company. It is better to have an inspection than wait for a problem to develop.

Check out the downspouts and gutters for any shingle granules, which could signify that the shingles are starting to fail. When signals are not offering a high level of protection, you can end up with devastating damages.

Don’t Forget About Flashing

With old flashing, you could have water leakage issues. You can find flashing around skylights, chimneys, and vents. The flashing seals the seams of the roof from weather and rain. You will want someone to inspect those areas to ensure no breaks or cracks. Any broken or missing pieces can cause damage to your roof. In those older homes, the flashing is often made of tar or roof cement. You might want to upgrade those components to a metal flashing system for better durability.

Stabilize Sagging Structures

If you notice that your roof is sagging or drooping, that is a surefire sign that it needs a replacement. Trapped moisture, sagging spots, and rotting boards can occur at the lowest points of the roof. Any sagging is a sign that water has rotted away the material under the roof. If you ignore this problem, you could have significant structure damage, meaning higher repair bills.

Take a few minutes to stand back from the home. You will want to look at it from several angles. A typical roof should appear straight along its lines. Any slumping or sagging will be easily noticeable from most angles. Always call a trusted roofing company to complete these repairs. In many cases, you may need a complete tear-off to remedy the problem.

Overgrown Moss

Moss can give your roof a rustic appearance, but you don’t want it to grow on your home. Mold, fungi, and moss can spell trouble for your roof. These destructive elements can trap moisture and ruin the structure of your roof. Moss is likely to accumulate in the shaded corner of your roof. If you notice a green hue on your roof, use a brush to scrub it off. After it has been cleaned off, schedule a roofing technician to inspect the entire structure. You want to make sure there is no additional damage.

Cooling and Heating Bills Have Increased

It takes a lot of energy to heat and cool your home. High home bills can signify that the roof needs to be repaired. Any leaks in your roof will allow the air to escape. With that, your heating and cooling systems will need to operate more to bring the air down to a comfortable level. Huge spikes and higher energy use often indicate that your roof will require repairs.

A Roofer Can Fix Most Problems

Don’t assume you need a whole replacement roof if you have a leak or a few damaged shingles. You don’t want to wait to call out a professional after you have spotted a visible problem. The small repair could become a significant issue with higher costs when you wait too long for a repair. In many cases, a professional roofing company can resolve the issue without putting a strain on your budget.

Find a Professional Roofing Company

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