Marvin vs. Milgard Windows Cost: Styles, Pros & Cons

Marvin vs. Milgard Windows Cost: Styles, Pros & Cons

Here is a breakdown of the Milgard and Marvin brand windows so that you can make an informed decision for your next project.

Marvin vs. Milgard Windows Cost: Styles, Pros & Cons

When you are ready to choose new windows, there are plenty of options. Many people are torn between the Milgard and Marvin brands. Marvin is a more premium-end product, making custom windows for the consumer. On the other hand, Milgard is a mid-range manufacturer known for its vinyl windows. While both brands produce quality products, there are many differences between them. Here is a breakdown of these windows so that you can make an informed decision for your next project.

About Marvin Windows

In Northern Minnesota, the winters can be harsh and challenging. In 1912, George Marvin opened the Marvin Lumber & Cedar Company to keep the workforce busy in those cold months. With a bit of ingenuity, he invented the machine that used scrap lumber to manufacture wooden stakes. By the 1940s, the company began to make barn sashes and door frames, eventually focusing on windows. Marvin Windows has remained a private company, and it is in the fourth generation of family ownership. Today, Marvin Windows is one of the biggest names in the window industry.

About Milgard Windows

In 1958, Gary Milgard founded a glass company in Tacoma, Washington, with his father. Over time, that business expanded into the aluminum window sector. Since 1980, the company has been tempering its own glass. Aluminum fell out of favor towards the end of the century. As a result, Milgard introduced a line of vinyl frames in 1989, with fiberglass windows following in 1990. Unlike Marvin Windows, Milgard has not remained a family-owned business. In 2001, it was acquired by the Masco Corporation.

Comparing Marvin vs. Milgard

Now that you know the background of the companies, let’s compare these products.

Available Styles

Both brands have a unique selection of styles. These companies have a full range of windows, including single-hung, double-hung, awning, casement, bow, bay, glider, and round top. Marvin does offer specialty shapes based on the consumer’s needs.

Milgard still produces vinyl windows. It also carries a series of aluminum, fiberglass, and wood windows. The vinyl line includes the Tuscany, Montecito, Style Line, and Quiet Line Series. Milgard offers the Aluminum Series of windows for new construction and replacement projects. The Ultra Series is the fiberglass offering, and Essence is the line for those wood windows. Those series are considered high-end products from Milgard.

Since Marvin has its roots in the lumber business, the primary line is offered in wood, with a proprietary interior finish known as EverWood. Marvin also manufactures aluminum windows and wood-covered fiberglass options, known as Ultrex Fiberglass and Extruded Aluminum Clad.

Color Options

Depending on the type of window, Milgard offers different color options. The Fiberglass Essence Series does have the most options at 16 choices. On the other hand, the Aluminum Series only has three different colors. Like Milgard, Marvin’s color options will depend on the product line. The Extruded Aluminum Clad windows feature 20 color choices, which is the most in the Marvin brand.

Milgard Windows Cost

At the bottom of the line, the Style Line has a standard double-pane and double-hung window for around $300 to $400 per unit. That cost does not include installation. Milgard’s single-hung aluminum windows can cost between $200 and $350 per window. If you want a middle-range window, the Vinyl Series windows are available in the $500 to $650 price range. The Essence Series is considered Milgard’s premium window product, made with pine or Douglas fir for the interior with fiberglass on the exterior. These windows are priced at $40 to $50 per square foot. You can expect to pay around $800 to $1,100 for a standard double-hung window. That price does not include installation costs.

Marvin Windows Cost

Marvin’s popular double-hung option is the Ultimate G2 Series. These prices can range from $850 to $1,650 per window. This line does have coastal/hurricane certifications for those homes in hurricane-prone areas. Marvin’s top line of products in the Infinity Series will cost between $1,250 and $1,850 per installed window. These classic double-hung windows are available in cottage, standard, or oriel styles.

The prices can vary depending on design options, such as hardware, locks, opening control devices, and premium materials. Some installation costs will depend on whether carpentry is required or the contractor can install it into the existing frames. In some cases, premium options and installation requirements will add hundreds of dollars to the unit price of the window.

Remember that the window pricing can vary since the manufacturer will offer incentives and discounts on specific product lines.

Product Warranty

Both Marvin and Milgard produce high-quality products, and they strive to keep their customers satisfied with the window. Milgard offers a Full Lifetime Warranty to the original owners of the windows. The company promises to replace or repair any defect in the workmanship and materials, including labor and parts. However, the Quiet Line Series only carries a 10-year warranty. Milgard will extend coverage to successive owners for 10 years after the original purchase.

Marvin offers a Limited Warranty that guarantees the exterior cladding for up to 20 years and the interior finish for five years.

Lead Time

When you order a window, you want to know when it will arrive at your home. Both Marvin and Milgard have a lead time between four to nine weeks.


Marvin and Milgard windows can be easily installed. For the best results, you should find a contractor who has experience with these brands. They will know how to install the products in your home correctly.

Both the Marvin and Milgard line of products are well-known and respected. Depending on your needs and budget, you can find a new construction or replacement window that will look great in your home.

We Can Help Install Your Milgard or Marvin Windows

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