How To Build A Roof Over An Existing Deck

How To Build A Roof Over An Existing Deck

Building a roof over an existing deck seems like an involved project. It’s one that you could do yourself, but suggest an opinion of a professional. Read why!

How to build a roof over an existing deck

Building a roof over an existing deck seems like an involved project. It’s one that you could do yourself, but getting the opinion of a professional along with their help with such a project is probably a good idea. You want the work done quickly and efficiently, and pushing yourself can be unproductive; whereas working with someone else could be the answer to getting the job done.

What Is A Deck Roof?

You want to know what a roof deck actually is before you begin your project. It’s a connection to your existing roof and covers parts of or all of an outside area. It can also cover an area that’s been screened in to make a porch or just act as a covering to your deck for shade and use in all kinds of weather.

Advantages Of A Roof Over A Deck

There are advantages you can gain from building a roof over a deck and here are some of those features along with other information on how to build a roof over an existing deck.

Benefits Of Building A Roof Over A Deck

Protection from the Element – One of the top reasons for building a roof over a deck is for protection from the elements. Whether it’s the blazing sun, pouring rain or bad weather altogether, you can cover the deck area and still enjoy sitting outside and enjoying nature on a sunny or rainy day.

Unending Cookouts – With a roof over a deck, you can enjoy barbecuing or grilling outdoors almost anytime you want. Even when the weather gets colder, you’ll still be able to grill burgers, chicken, ribs, brats or veggies and enjoy the taste of grilled food. Cooking time might be a tad longer, but it’s worth it to cook outside throughout the year.

Virtual Clothes Dryer – If you hate using your dryer and watching your electric or gas meter spin, drying clothing under a covered deck roof is an excellent solution for hot or rainy days. You save on your energy bills when you dry clothes outside.

Cultivate your Plants – When you want to start seedlings or just give your plants a taste of sheltered sun for growth, a covered deck is of significant benefit. While you enjoy the outdoors, your plants get tender loving care and daily sun, whether spring or summer.

How To Build A Roof Over An Existing Deck

Before you build a roof over a deck, you probably want to contact roofing companies in Delaware for advice on how to go about the entire process. They’ll probably tell you to determine whether the deck can actually handle a new roof and whether a new roof will support any heavy loads of snow in winter. You can incorporate the following steps once you know about the reliability of the deck.

Measure the Deck – When you measure the deck, the measurements will hinge on the shape and length of the deck. Measurements should be easy for either a square or rectangular deck (height and width).

Inspect Framing – Before you begin, make sure that any signs of wood rot or decay are remote and that the integrity of the structure is sound. If the signs are there, you may need to make replacements of any framing before you move on to the roofing materials.

Install Rafters – You’ll now need to determine the type of rafters to use and place them as the manufacturer specifies. Make sure you correctly spaced them for the right level and the proper overhang at both ends of the frame.

Prepare Decking Boards – According to the spacing of the rafters, board lengths will need to be cut to fit between the rafters to secure a level line.

Install Decking Boards – Use the right screws, nails or adhesive to make sure you put each board in place with negligible gaps between them. You want them to be aligned properly.

Complete framing of Eaves – Finalize the finishing touches such as fascia trim before you move on to any other finishing work that includes roof shingles or deck tiles.

Install Roofing Materials – You should cut roof shingles or tiles to size (following manufacturer’s recommendations). You want excellent results with a finished look.

Complete the Job – For a more polished look, use paint to touch up trim nails and other items and use caulk to seal the entire area for a nice finish.

Optional Roof Items – You can add gutters, ventilation fans, downspouts or other features to the roof area.

Costs Of Building A Roof Over A Deck

If you’re doing the roofing yourself, the project will probably cost an average of $1250 to $1350 which includes the costs of beams, rafters and fasteners. An expertly built structure will be more costly. You have to take into account labor costs, design, and finishing costs. The costs will run $10,000 or more.

Any costs will vary depending on the type of materials you use, the square footage, the professionals you hire and the weather conditions. Again, the exact costs will fluctuate when you add a roof to a deck.

Building a roof over an existing deck can be a drawn-out process, particularly if you decide to do it on your own. There are many facets of the process that can be difficult if you don’t have a lot of experience with roofing or construction. If you have doubts about your ability to build a roof over your deck or if you have questions about the process, contact RGB Construction at 856-264-9093 to learn more. We’d be happy to answer questions you have about roofing over a deck. RGB is a veteran-owned and operated company with expert technicians who know how to deal with just about any construction-related issue. We work and live by, “We treat your home (your roof) as if it was our own.”