GAF vs Atlas

GAF vs Atlas

Comparing popular brands, like GAF vs Atlas shingles, is important. With this brief look, you can determine which product is the right option for you.

GAF vs Atlas

Finding the right shingle manufacturer will make all the difference in your next roofing project. There are several companies in the market. Comparing popular brands, like GAF vs Atlas shingles, is important. With this brief look, you can determine which product is the right option for you.

GAF and Atlas Roofing

GAF stands for “General Aniline & Film,” and it is one of the leading roofing manufacturers in the country. One in four homes in the United States has GAF shingles on the roof. The company’s shingles are durable, strong, and long-lasting.

Atlas Roofing is another excellent company that is known for manufacturing installation and asphalt roof shingles. One of its most well-known products is the Pinnacle Pristine shingle with Scotchgard.

Choose the Right Products

Fortunately, there are many options on the market made by various manufacturers. Most products are produced to the highest standards, but you want to choose an option that meets your needs and provides the best benefits. By making informed decisions, you can select a roofing product that will look great and last years to come. GAF and Atlas are some of the best companies in the roofing industry.

Before you rush out and purchase one shingle over the other, you need to know all the facts. Both products have several lines of materials, ranging from budget-friendly options to more customized selections. You must consider your finances to choose the best choice for your home and budget.

Which One Is Better? Atlas vs GAF

GAF Benefits

For those homeowners that want a stylish look for an affordable price, GAF has you covered. The company produces a three-tab shingle that has an impressive warranty. Most GAF products carry a limited lifetime warranty. The fiberglass shingles are coated with asphalt, making them a durable option over other products. You can find these shingles in a wide range of colors.

Along with that, GAF also manufactures the popular laminated architectural shingles. These products are in the popular Timberline line of roofing materials. Like the three-tab, you can find Timberline shingles in a wide range of colors to match your home’s exterior. These shingles are the thickest ones from GAF. Using a thick shingle can increase your home’s market value and help prevent weather damage. Some of the products in the GAF line can mimic the look of slate or wood shakes. GAF shingles are the highest-performing options in the roofing industry. Some of its products have the best wind and fire resistance on the market.

Atlas Benefits

Atlas Roofing also manufactures a three-tab shingle. Plus, they also have shingles that resemble slate or wood shakes. The three-tab shingles are produced under the GlassMaster name and have a 30-year limited warranty. These shingles come in a wide range of colors, making them a great choice when you need to match your home’s existing exterior.

When looking at asphalt shingles from Atlas, the StormMaster resembles the appearance of slate and also comes with a heftier price tag. These shingles are coated with Scotchgard, preventing staining and algae growth.

Atlas Roofing also makes two types of shake-style shingles. Both products have a lifetime limited warranty and Scotchgard coating. These shingles have high fire ratings and are manufactured with an additive that resists damage.

When it comes to durability, both products have high marks. After completing the roofing project, you don’t want to think about replacing shingles for many years down the road. GAF is an excellent option. The average durability of the shingles is about 30 years. Durability for Atlas Roofing’s shingles is also around the same range. No matter what option you use, you can forget about a replacement for a long time.

Which One To Buy?

GAF products are some of the best materials on the market. Plus, there are several types of shingle products in their line. GAF has one of the best warranties in the industry, but you should consider using a GAF-certified Master Elite Roofer for installation. When you have the proper installation, you can ensure that you will get plenty of value for your money and that the roof will last for a very long time.

Atlas Roofing is one of the more prominent shingle manufacturers in the United States. If you want a cost-effective option for your home, then make sure to purchase these shingles. Along with that, the company’s warranty is competitive compared to GAF. You might be able to buy Atlas shingles at a big box store, but that is not always a guarantee. Most of the time, these shingles are only available from a local roofing company.

Both manufacturers are known for their high-quality shingles. Take time to review what you want in a product. Along with that, take into consideration the constraints of your budget. Atlas Roofing and GAF do offer several options that can fit the needs of most homeowners.

Get Assistance from a Professional Roofing Company

There are many shingle options on the market. Finding the right product could be a long process without experienced help. Choosing between GAF and Atlas Roofing can be difficult. At RGB Construction, we can help you narrow down your choices. Our roofing team will determine what you need for your roof and budget. We will professionally install these products on your roof when you find the right option. If you happen to choose GAF, our roofing company is certified as a Master Elite Roofer. Schedule your consultation by calling 856-264-9093.