Building Deck Over Garage Roof

Building Deck Over Garage Roof

You want to build a deck over your garage roof, but you’re not sure of how to go about the process. Here are answers to all your questions.

Building deck over garage roof

You want to build a deck over your garage roof, but you’re not sure of how to go about the process. Another thing, you’re not even sure if your garage roof can sustain a deck. Also, what are the advantages of building a deck over a garage roof? Here are answers to those questions.

Building A Deck Over A Garage

If your garage has a flat roof, or if you’re planning to build a garage, that’s next to your home but below the level of the main floor, it’s entirely possible to build a deck on your garage roof. You can enjoy both savings and space with a deck over a garage roof. Building a deck that’s detached from a garage can be costly, but with a limited amount of property and a small yard, a deck over a garage gives you the advantage of both a deck and additional space.

Building a deck over a flat roof can be difficult. Without the help of experts, the process can be more than what you bargained for. In fact, it never hurts to consult with roofing companies in Delaware for the best advice in building a deck over a garage. You don’t want leaks and other problems to occur that would just set you back on your construction timeline.

Why You Should Build A Deck

Even with the help of experts, building a deck over a garage can be time-consuming, costly and challenging, but if you truly want a garage deck, there are reasons you should invest in one.

If you decide to build a deck over your garage, there are commonsense reasons that say you should. With limited overall property space, you can make the most of a garage deck. Everyone needs a spot where they can sit outside of their home just for relaxation and enjoyment, and a roof deck makes that possible.

When you have limited space, building a deck over a garage is one way of utilizing and saving space. You won’t have to worry about tearing into your yard area, plus you’ll enjoy the openness of a garage deck and you’ll relish looking out over your property no matter how big it is.

Another reason for building a deck is you’ll be able to have company gatherings and parties with family and friends. It’s a good way for everyone to spend some time outside. Even with the initial expense of building a garage deck, you’re still saving money by not building a deck next to your home.

When you build a deck over a garage, there are some things you should keep in mind, that include:

  • How drainage and runoff work
  • Support for a deck
  • Railings for a deck
  • Access to a deck

Drainage and Runoff – With drainage and runoff on a flat roof, you’ll need to know how moisture buildup affects it. Whether it’s rain, snow or general moisture buildup from humidity, even flat roofs have a slope to them that can handle the accumulation. The roof design is on an angle, which allows for rain and snow to slip off. Just make sure the roof contains a covering that will allow moisture to run off and even if the roof has a bit of a pitch, you can level it off during construction of the deck’s underneath structure.

Support for a Deck – Constructing a deck on a roof adds extra weight to the garage beneath it. You want to make sure that the garage has sufficient support to hold the weight of a deck. Check with experts, like a building inspector, architect, contractor about what changes you should make to the garage to support a deck. If you plan on building a garage with an overhead deck, include the added weight of the deck with the plans for the garage.

Railings for a Deck – Railings are something you don’t want to forget, as you need them for safety reasons. They should run along the edges of a deck. Make sure that you plan for the right height of the railings. Incorporate the railings with the actual structure of the deck. You don’t want them separate or on the very edge of the roof. Also, where the deck’s edge meets an outer wall, keep the siding of the wall complete so there are no gaps alongside the wall.

Access to a Deck – When a garage has an attachment to a home and the home has over one level, all you’ll need to do is to come out a door of your house to get to the deck. If you can’t get to the deck from a level of the home, you can add stairs from the ground that lead to the deck.

Roof Designs

Choosing a design for a deck over a garage entails a few things that include a design that best suits your taste and one that is safe. Research deck ideas ahead of time to get an idea of what you want.


Deck Covering – You’ll need protection from the sun and the elements and there are options you can choose from for a garage deck. A patio umbrella is one option and you can remove it during the winter. Another option is a retractable awning, which is attached to your home. It’s a good choice as long as your home can accommodate it. A roof or pergola is another choice, but you need to know whether your garage and home can support the additional weight.

Flooring – There are choices for deck flooring. It depends on how you want the floor area to look and feel. Wooden flooring is the traditional choice, as is sustainable wood.

Other choices for flooring include:

  • Flagstone
  • Interlocking Tile
  • Rubber Pavers
  • Paver Tiles
  • Slate Tiles
  • Other Selections

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