Beware of These Red Flags When Hiring a Contractor in Delaware

Beware of These Red Flags When Hiring a Contractor in Delaware

How do you avoid hiring a bad contractor? Here are some red flags you need to know when hiring a contractor in Delaware.

Beware of These Red Flags When Hiring a Contractor in Delaware

Finding the right contractor in Delaware can be a difficult job. You want to find someone you can trust and who understands what you want for the project. Unfortunately, there are plenty of bad contractors who perform poor-quality work. When you work with them, you will have to spend more money to fix their work. You can avoid all of those issues by hiring a trusted and reliable roofing professional.

How do you avoid hiring a bad contractor? Here are some red flags you need to know when hiring a contractor in Delaware.

They Have Bad Reviews

Most people head to the internet and look at the contractor’s reviews. While you have to take some reviews with a grain of salt, you should not ignore others. If there is a consistent pattern, like not showing up on time or delivering poor results, you need to pay attention. A contractor’s history of disappointing clients is a big red flag. Ask the roofer about the reviews. A professional roofer will be honest about the issues. If the contractor makes excuses, it could be time to find someone else for the job.

They Are Not Responsive

When you hire someone to work on your roof, you want an open line of communication. If you cannot reach the contractor on the phone before you sign the contract, imagine what will happen when there is an issue with the project. Keep in mind that many roofers are busy, and they might not be able to answer your calls immediately. However, you should get a return call within 24 hours. After 48 hours, if the roofer doesn’t call you back, it is time to find someone else.

They Want Unlimited Time and Materials

All homeowners have a budget for their roofing projects. If you have a contractor who wants you to sign a time and materials contract, it can be hard to control that budget. You should think about finding a contractor who will offer a flat fee for the project. Not all time and material contracts are bad, but you need to keep a close eye on them to prevent overspending. A contractor who doesn’t want to work with you or pressures you into a contract is bad news.

They Are Unprepared

Everyone knows that something will go wrong with any project. At your first meeting, you should know if your contractor is ready to meet those challenges. Someone who is unprepared might panic at the first signs of trouble. You need to find a contractor who is prepared for the job and remains calm in the face of adversity. When the job takes an unexpected turn, that person will be able to tackle any issue.

They Overpromise

Before you sign any contract, you should know how long the project will take to complete and the general costs. Any contractor that offers extremely low prices should be avoided. Also, be cautious of those who guarantee a fast job completion. In many cases, the contractor will use low-quality products and rush through the installation or repair. You want someone who will take their time and use quality products on your roof. If it sounds too good to be true, the contractor is probably misleading you.

They Use Outdated References

A good contractor will have a revolving list of customers for their references. If your contractor cannot provide any recent clients, you might want to question the quality of their work. Old references are fine, but you need to know how the contractor has performed in the last few months. Once you get those references, don’t forget to follow up with the other customers.

They Ask for More Money Upfront

In general, a contractor will ask for money upfront so that they can schedule you on the calendar. In addition to that, the roofer will start buying materials and securing those permits. Typically, you will pay around 15% for a deposit. Consider that a huge red flag when the contractor asks for all of the money upfront or a larger deposit. The contractor can take your money and never complete the job in those situations. These scams can often happen in areas where a tornado or other damaging storms have hit. They promise to fix your roof, get a large deposit, and never show up for the job. When you give your deposit, always pay by check and get a receipt.

They Don’t Get a Permit

In almost all places, a permit is required for roofing work. Most permits are expensive. Any contractor who wants to work without a permit should be avoided. Building permits are a necessary part of the project. If local officials find out that the contractor is working without a permit, they can shut down the job. A permit will ensure that your roofing project is done safely and correctly.

These are some of the red flags of a bad contractor. You also need to listen to the contractor and decide for yourself. If something seems off, you should walk away and find someone else. There are plenty of professional roofing companies in Delaware that will be happy to help with your next project.

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