Are Gutters Really Necessary?

Are Gutters Really Necessary?

Homeowners wonder if gutters are really necessary. They are an essential component of a home’s main protective surfaces. Find out if your home needs it.

Are Gutters Really Necessary?

Most homes have gutters that are there to drain excess water away from the rooftop and farther out where the water is less likely to damage the foundation or topsoil often placed near the exterior home walls. Keeping the gutters in good shape involves clearing out the gutters at least two times a year in the spring and again in late fall.

Some homeowners wonder if gutters are really necessary. In most cases, they are an essential component of a home’s main protective surfaces that include the roof and eaves. However, there are a few times when it may not be worth the extra effort to install gutters according to some experienced building and roofing contractors.

What Purpose Do Gutters Serve if Any?

Typically, gutters are there to whisk away heavy rainfall and/or melting snow following rainy or snowy weather. There are several types of gutters, and each one has its own pros and cons that homeowners should carefully consider before purchasing.

The main purpose of these gutters involves protecting the home’s roof, attic, foundation walls, and interior spaces from water damage over time. There are several materials that are used in gutter manufacturing. These include aluminum, plastic, and copper.

The gutters are securely attached to the edges of your home’s roof and can effectively redirect water flow into downspouts to a place at least 4 feet out and away from the home’s lower foundation wall. These gutters are generally shaped like a drainpipe with an open top that catches rainwater and diverts it to a safer location on the ground.

Some gutters have partial or full screens over the top opening allowing water and perhaps some tiny debris to filter into the space while blocking larger debris, like twigs, leaves, and clumps of mud, effectively keeping the gutters and downspouts open and water flowing correctly.

While most gutters are made of several long lengths of aluminum or other material that are linked together, there are newer and better gutter options that are all one piece and boast a seamless design that is harder to break as the other models tend to do on occasion.

Are Gutters Really Necessary for All Homes?

Gutters are usually installed on most houses, but there are a few situations when these items may not be needed according to leading roof and gutter professionals like RGB Construction.

These circumstances include when the home is in a hot and dry region, the home’s roof has a long overhang or roof extension, when the base of the home is surrounded by concrete, and when a house sits higher than other nearby properties with a downwards slope of the landscaped grounds.

How Gutters Protect Your Property & Home

Gutters offer more than just being an attractive trim running along your roof. These drain products provide ample protection for your home from expensive water damage. There are other essential purposes that gutters serve, but there are four main protective features of gutters that all homeowners should consider.

1. Prevent Exterior Siding Stain Discolorations & Resultant Deterioration

When the gutters have leaks or are clogged, this can cause the water inside to accumulate and overflow spilling water down the home’s exterior siding or other surfaces. This can then cause marks and stains to discolor the siding. It does not take long for extensive water damage to occur.

Failed gutter action can result in serious deterioration of any item in the water’s path. In addition, the pooled water can quickly create a prime environment for mildew and mold to grow. If that happens, the cleanup tasks are going to be extremely challenging and usually require the expert services of mold and mildew remediation specialists which can be very pricey.

The damaged siding may need to be replaced altogether creating another large and unexpected expense that the homeowner will have to incur.

2. Diverts Water Away from Foundation Preventing Water Seepage Inside Basement or Crawl Space

If a home’s gutters are not in good working order, the home can sustain unwanted water damage because the water is not being diverted properly leaving it to cause a flood pool near the foundation. This water can enter the lower levels of the structure like crawlspaces and basements. This can create a huge problem that can result in wet and damaged exterior and interior building components.

3. Helps Keep Away Mosquitoes & Other Pests That Are Drawn to Water

Mosquitoes, gnats, flies, termites, carpenter ants, and many other pests are drawn to water, especially if the water is still and the temperature is warmer. Gutters help to deter these creatures from starting an invasion of pests near where your family resides.

4. Helps Deter Landscaping Damage & May Prevent Soil Erosion

It is common for homeowners to plant live vegetation like flowers and green ferns and other plants near the entrance of the home or along the foundation. Gutters can help keep larger amounts of water from causing massive soil disruption and erosion along with preventing water damage to the landscaping work near the home.

Are There Times When Gutters Are Not Needed?

There are a couple of times when gutters may not be needed that include:

  • House is in an arid geographical locale
  • Home is set higher than neighboring properties
  • Concrete is present at ground level surrounding the home

A Few Common Gutter Issues Homeowners May Face

1. Possible Development of Property Damaging Ice Dams

2. Gutter Clogs That Require Prompt Cleaning

Easy Solution for Gutter Problems

Homeowners should clean out the gutters regularly and installing a seamless gutter model can help prevent clogs and ice buildup in colder regions.

How to Determine When Your Gutters Need to be Replaced or Repaired

Your home gutters should be inspected for damages at least twice yearly. This should also be completed following significant storms that feature high winds, hail, snow, or heavy rainfall. This does require good balance and effort. The job can also be dangerous for many as it requires getting up near the roof.

Leave Gutter Repairs & Maintenance Tasks to the Gutter Experts

Homeowners can leave gutter repair, replacement, and maintenance jobs to the professional gutter experts instead. This option is faster, and easier, and can bring homeowners welcome peace of mind. These services are often priced low making them a worthwhile consideration.


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