Skin care and products we all need for healthy glowing skin

Skin care and products we all need for healthy glowing skin

If you’ve ever gone down the Instagram/TikTok rabbit hole watching influencers share their hundred-step skincare routine, you’re not alone.

It’s mesmerizing to watch someone with flawless skin slather on different serums, masks, cleansers and more Then by the end—after watching them dabble in ten or 20 different products—who doesn’t feel completely overwhelmed about where to even start with our own skincare?

Darlene, owner of Secret Faces is a nurse and specializes in medical grade skin care products and services with results so natural…you can keep it a secret!

But today we are letting you in on a few secrets we love to share.

First, let’s talk product

AlumierMD Skin Care is known for providing remarkable results, no matter the condition before the treatment takes place. AlumierMD understands that everyone wants clear, beautiful skin. Their team of top scientists and physicians have over 100 years of combined skincare experience to create the most effective formulations using optimal medical-grade ingredients.

Secret Faces is proud to be a partner and offer this skincare line to our clients.

Now let’s talk about your basic skin care routine

Step one: Gentle cleanser

Every good skincare routine starts with a clean face. Start cleansing once or twice a day. Use a gentle cleanser with warm water, and gently wash with your fingers.

A gentle and intensely hydrating pH-balanced cream cleanser Darlene recommends is AlumierMD HydraBoost.

HydraBoost is a smooth, hydrating pH-balanced creamy cleanser that delicately removes impurities, excess oil and makeup. The natural cleanser yucca seed extract gently cleans skin. Vitamin E, sunflower seed oil and argan oil moisturize, leaving skin smooth, soft and intensely hydrated.

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Step two: Anti-aging Serum

Once the cleansing part is done, use retinol and vitamin C to diminish fine lines, erase any discoloration, and restore that healthy glow!

After cleansing in the mornings, use a Vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that fights photo-aging. It helps protect our skin from the free radicals that form when we are outside. It also helps with existing hyperpigmentation in our skin caused by sun damage and aging.

After cleansing at night, use retinol to increase your cell turnover and reveal fresher skin. Darlene recommends medical-grade retinol such as AlumierMD Everactive C&E.

Alumier MD EverActive C&E is an award-winning, high-strength vitamin C and vitamin E serum that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, revitalizing skin. The antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E neutralize free radicals while vitamin C and MATRIXYL® Synthe'6® strengthen and brighten skin. Many vitamin C serums oxidize in their bottles, turning a brownish colour while they are on the shelf or at home. When oxidized, vitamin C is no longer beneficial to the skin.

EverActive C&E™ + Peptide stays fresh because you only mix the 15% vitamin C into the serum when you’re ready to use it.

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Step three: Sunscreen

If there is one anti-aging skincare item to splurge on, it’s sunscreen, and should be used daily. Sunscreen protects your face (and the rest of your skin) from ultraviolet light rays. When your skin is exposed to these rays without proper protection, you’re at an increased risk of developing skin cancer. Sunscreen also helps to prevent premature aging, including wrinkles, sagging skin, and age spots.

Sheer Hydration Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 40 (Versatile Tint) is a sheer physical sunscreen that provides powerful broad-spectrum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. It combines zinc oxide and titanium dioxide while moisturizing with vitamin E.

This formula is also packed with free-radical-quenching antioxidants, including a stable vitamin C, resveratrol, grape seed extract, and glutathione. The versatile tint blends beautifully on the skin creating a sheer healthy glow.

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Talk to a Professional

With so many skincare options on the market, choosing the right one can seem overwhelming at first. If you’re stuck on where to start, Registered Nurse Darlene, owner of Secret Faces can help you decide what option is best for your skin type. Darlene customizes each treatment and the overall experience is just as important to Darlene as the outcome.