What Different Virtual Assistant Services You Can Offer?

What Different Virtual Assistant Services You Can Offer?

What are you good at? What services can you offer from the list below while managing your family and home too?

Are you ready to work but don’t know what kind of reliable virtual assistant services you can offer? It is hard to keep yourself in a box when you can offer so much remotely. The thing that matters is to know your capability. If you are not sure what services you can offer, let’s read about what a virtual assistant means.

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is the one offering services online. It is the work that you have to do remotely by working in collaboration with the team. Your employer gives you a laptop and internet connection, or sometimes, you have to arrange it on your own.

Getting a job as a virtual assistant depends on either your educational qualifications or previous experience. But employers can also hire fresh ones. A virtual assistant has to be available whenever the employer calls him.

People are becoming virtual assistants. Not only do entrepreneurs hire virtual assistants, but many business owners also prefer them over on-site employees. The reason is because of high productivity and low maintenance costs. The situation after COVID-19 has proved that we can work virtually as well.

Even many companies are turning into a platform for outsourcing such services. You can upload your CV there, and they provide you with the jobs you can do. Moreover, you can also find a virtual assistant from there.

Services You Can Offer As A Virtual Assistant

Right now, people are offering numerous virtual assistant services. We will list below the most common services you can offer.

● Content Writing

● Writing e-books

● Customer Service

● Administrative Work

● Giveaway and Contest Management

● Project Management

● SEO Specialist

● Graphic Designing

● Video Making And Editing

● Programming

● Web Development

● Travel Research And Booking

● Internet Research

● HR Related Services

● App Development

● Data Entry

● Voice Over

● A Business Consultant

● Public Relations Management

● Academic And Research Writing

● Proofreading

● Bookkeeping

● Technical Writing

● Sales And Marketing

● General Virtual Assistants

● Research Assistants

● Photography

● Event Management

● Other technical and non-technical jobs

There are lots of other virtual assistant services that you can offer. Each of the tasks mentioned above has its subcategories. For example, graphic designing can include:

● Photo editing

● Creating blogs posts for social media platforms

● Branding services

● Creating slides

● Designing e-books

● Creating illustrations

● Designing infographics

● And more

You need to decide your area of expertise and then offer your services. Also, it is a good idea to make a portfolio of your published work. This way, your employer would get an idea of the quality of your work.

How To Pick One Task When You Are New To All?

Picking one task may be hard if you don’t know what you like. It is even harder if you can’t decide what to do. But, the trick is to try everything for once. If you find something that intrigues your interest, the chances are that you will pursue that.

Depending on the tasks you can do, you can create your custom package and charge accordingly. If you are new to a certain skill, you can join its short course or learn online. Keep on sharpening your skills as well as doing a practical job.

Also, remember that sticking to one job is not necessary. There is no concept of doing one thing all your life and becoming old with it. You can always switch between different jobs and do what you like to do at that moment. This is especially true for virtual assistants.

What Can You Offer As A VA?

As a VA, don’t believe that you are not part of the team. Much of the company’s work is dependent on you. Thus, you should give your best efforts. Every business owner should also understand the value of hiring a virtual assistant.

The main reason many people hire VA is to have more income than actually paying the virtual assistant. Once you know how valuable your services are to your employer, you will present your services as a solution to them.

It is important to know what you want to opt for working remotely. Other than the services mentioned above, you can offer your customized services to the clients. If you are looking for availing virtual assistant services or want to work, you can find several virtual job platforms.