5 Ways To Avoid Procrastinating When Working From Home

 5 Ways To Avoid Procrastinating When Working From Home

This article lists five ways you can avoid procrastinating when working from home.

While remote work has its advantages, it can also be a big challenge when you are trying to focus on your work, thus lowering your productivity levels. You feel the fatigue kicking in when sitting at the same spot for long hours and your mind starts to wander - basically you start procrastinating. Although it's natural to procrastinate, it is, however, essential that you try to push past all the distractions in order to get your work done on time. To contribute actively to your team and organization, you need to stay focused. But how can you stop procrastinating while working from home? There are no hacks or tools to prevent this however you can follow some of these tips to help prevent you from procrastinating.

Plan Tasks Beforehand

One way you can ensure maximum productivity is by creating a to-do list for the coming workday or workweek after you have completed your tasks for the day. To-do lists are an effective way to ensure that you are being productive and completing your duties efficiently. If you find yourself questioning your progress then try crossing off tasks and projects from your to-do list, it gives you a feeling of accomplishment and helps you keep track of completed tasks.

Do Difficult Tasks First

Go through your project list for the day, add new tasks, and rearrange them based on their priority. Complete the most difficult and challenging tasks in the morning, then you will not have to dread doing them later in the day. This is especially effective if you are someone who has a high productivity level in the morning. Once the tedious work is out of the way, you can relax and finish the rest of your duties for the remainder of the day.

Take Multiple Breaks

Sitting in the same position in front of your laptop will not only mess up your body posture but also make you sleepy. The best way to avoid falling asleep at your work desk is by taking small breaks in between your work schedule to recharge. You can take a power nap or do light stretches to relax your muscles. Although high productivity is admirable and often rewarded, being sustainable with your work output is equally important. Adding multiple breaks to your work schedule can help you to regain focus and build up your momentum to complete your tasks efficiently.

Reward Yourself

As humans, we are hardwired to avoid anything that causes pain and seek those that give us pleasure. If you are like most people who enjoy being praised, then make a habit to give yourself small rewards after completing each task or project.

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For example, instead of squeezing in an episode of your favorite sitcom, complete a microtask first and then reward yourself with the new episode. This is an effective way to raise your motivation to get work done so you can enjoy doing one of your favorite activities, in this case, a TV show. You can also take a walk, eat ice cream or take a nap to reward yourself.

Block Out Distracting Noises

Excess noise from barking dogs or a loud television from your next-door neighbor can interfere with your work and make you lose concentration. Try to avoid noise distractions such as family members talking or traffic by using noise-canceling headphones or earbuds. Put on some soft or lo-fi music combined with soothing nature sounds - such as raindrops, waterfalls, or ocean waves. Studies show that this slow blend helps to activate the part of your brain that calms the part of your brain that helps you to relax, lowering your heart rate and blood pressure thus helping you focus on your work.

Whether it's the consequence of too many distractions at home or a clinical problem, or simply because of technology ruining your focus, procrastination is something a lot of people have to deal with. The best solution here is to learn how to manage it and get work done to ensure productivity and personal growth.